Luca Review: a movie with an idea that needed better writing

Luca Review: a movie with an idea that deserves better writing

On paper, the new Arun Bose movie Luca is a very compelling thriller. It has an exciting structuring of three different narratives. But the pacing and the plotting of this movie is problematic. The charm this movie deserved was not there in the writing which was trying desperately to spoon feed the audience about a lot of information. The wonderful and warm chemistry of the lead pair of the movie has definitely helped Luca in being interesting, but the uninspired writing puts the movie in a dull space.

The film revolves around the life of an artist named Luca. He is a free hippy guy who lost his parents at a very early stage. And thus his close wing is a very limited set of people. So the film Luca is trying to explore the character Luca after his death. Who was Luca and what lead to Luca’s death is what this Arun Bose movie showing its viewers.

The three layers of this movie are the investigation of Luca’s death, Luca’s life story and the love story of the investigating officer. Out of these three, the love story of Luca is the only one that manages to have an impact on the viewer. Everything surrounding the investigation chapter has a very stiff feel in terms of writing and acting. Even in the love story of Luca and Niharika, the likability is mostly due to the chemistry of the lead actors and not because of the variety the content offers. Over the past few years, the representation of police and criminal investigations had gone through some changes in Malayalam cinema and the disappointing part about Luca is that it hasn’t really tried to acknowledge that change.

Tovino Thomas is in his usual zone of behavioral acting and this character suits that style. He makes Luca that extremely sensitive character that has anxiety issues. Ahana Krishnakumar as Niharika also does a pretty good job. The chemistry both of them share on screen has a really warm feel to its credit and like I already said, it plays a key role in making us like the movie to an extent. Nithin George as Akbar was disappointing. The stubbornness he was supposed to portray played out as sheer lack of expressions.  Vinitha Koshy, Rajesh Sharma, Pauly Valsan, Chembil Ashokan, Srikanth Murali, Sooraj S Kurup are the other major names in the star cast.

Visually, the movie Luca is breathtaking or eye candy on many levels. Arun Bose does have that visual sense in conceiving the idea. But the problem is with the backbone of this movie; the script. The investigation chapter is mostly flat and overly explained. And the story of Luca is also a bit bloated as the writers wanted to portray Luca as this epitome of selflessness. Nimish Ravi has done a commendable job behind the camera and so was the production design. Sooraj S Kurup has a style of music which suits a movie like this. The editor also has tried to increase the intrigue, but he is limited by an untidy script.

Nobody is going to blame anyone for making a film like Luca. It is an idea that needed better writing to make it an intriguing experience. If the script was a bit more on the aggressive side, the impact would have been slightly more impactful.