Masterpiece review: an awfully clichéd, formulaic mass film

Masterpiece review: an awfully clichéd formulaic mass film

Masterpiece is a mass movie that is still in the hangover of those outdated mass formulas. This is a genre that needs to be reconstructed with the craft of film makers to make it compelling for the viewers. But unfortunately no such progress is there in this latest Mammootty film directed by Ajai Vasudev. With a wide spread plot that ultimately aims at a cliché ending giving a foundation to this film, Masterpiece is merely a passable movie.

The campus in this movie has two gangs. Their rivalry is pretty famous. In the midst of the various tussle between these gangs, a murder that happens at the campus shakes them. When another death also happened following that, the picture became darker and a tension got formed between the Police and the students. The film shows us the developments that happen to this case, when a professor named Edward Livingston arrives at the campus.

Masterpiece would have worked if they made it in Telugu. Telugu industry is known for these kind of repetitive hero worshipping stories. From the flat introduction of characters to the predictable turn of events the lack of freshness is evident in this Udayakrishna script. He is only recycling the props he has used in his previous movies. When the hero arrives nearly after an hour in to the movie, you get a clear picture on how this movie is going to pan out. Then the usual drill of teacher rectifying the students happens and here it is through fights that glorify heroics. An entire showroom of Scorpios was present at the campus.

Mammootty’s dashing look was the only thing this movie wanted and he gives more than enough for the viewers. Unni Mukundan was limited to just looks with his smoldering attitude failing to make an impression. The younger lot of actors lead by Maqbool Salman isn’t doing anything commendable here. Gokul Suresh was struggling with voice modulation and expressions. Poonam Bajwa is just an object of desire. Santhosh Pandit is there just for a hype and the elaborate cast has actors like Mukesh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Kalabhavan Shajon, Kailash, Nandu, Lena and many others.

Ajai Vasudev made RajadhiRaja prior to this and looks like he has no real interest in finding really fresh concepts and is only interested in movies that can have lots and lots of fight. From the last minute twist (which most people might have guessed in the beginning itself) to the complete structure of this thriller, there are no real exciting moments or phases in this film. Only thing that would have made a difference was the action. But the ambitions were a little too much and it was the same old dust pollution windy fights. Udayakrishna has taken special effort to ridicule the investigation style of Kerala Police. The writer who made an object of desire heroine giving lines like “I respect women” to the hero (two times) was a hilarious irony. Deepak Dev on the whole was a misfit for this project and the cinematography was just average. The production design was also really weak.

Rajadhi Raja director Ajai Vasudev is just interested in making each moment a mass moment. But he isn’t doing anything innovative here to make that formula work. The guessable last minute twist and the entire format of the film aren’t giving anything new to the audience, except for the joy of seeing a physically fit Mammootty. The key factor was the action and that too isn’t making any stellar impact as it is following the existing mould of action choreography. After ridiculing the heroine with just few scenes, Udayakrishna makes his male lead say “I respect women” twice and it was an ironic political correctness. Deepak Dev wasn’t getting the beats correctly. Average cinematography and below average art direction reduces the technical glory of the movie.

If you are looking for a cliché mass film to celebrate a festival weekend, Masterpiece may work for you. But if you are expecting a genuinely new content with the mass treatment, this is not the film.