Matchbox Malayalam movie Review

Matchbox Malayalam movie review

A brittle script that tries to repeat the ever familiar love at first sight story; that is the new Malayalam movie Matchbox. It is a theme that needs a lot of improvisation and authenticity in pitching. But Sivaram Mony and his writers are not so interested in creating those elements and they decided to focus on the fun that happens at discrete intervals of time. The only relief thus remains a Vishak Nair who manages to keep us away from boredom.

Ambu and his friends are the focus of Matchbox. Ambu is the son of a communist. But he is the typical lazy youth. One day he happens to see a beautiful girl Nidhi who apparently was the daughter of his father’s close friend. Ambu was about to tell Nidhi how he feels about her, but in the middle of that certain obstacles come and Matchbox show us how Ambu finally gets Nidhi.

The character of Nidhi is given so less space in this movie that I almost felt she wouldn’t even have a dialogue in the film. The monotonous male domination in the perspective of this film is a big minus point along with irrelevant complexity. The usual skeleton of a boy trying to get the girl needed a more real and relatable flesh. But the writers of the film are interested only in creating fun moments instead of credible emotional scenes. When the hero and heroine are crying on roof top thinking about their unsuccessful love, we on the other side would be wondering when love happened between these two.

Roshan Mathew had managed to evoke a positive vibe through all the performances post-Anandam. But this one was a real letdown. In the emotionally sensitive areas, his performance and dialogue delivery really looked artificial. Vishak Nair scores high here with his coolness in handling comedy. Drishya Raghunath, who has only a few lines in a full-length role, is somewhat terrible and is limited to being a good looking girl. Shammy Thilakan was good. Rest of the cast has names like Ashokan, Rony David, Sarath, Nirmal and Mathew Joy Mathew.

Sivaram Mony can’t add anything substantially fresh to make us feel the craft of a director. His pattern to show this story is on the typical side. The script like I said stretches sequences and situations unnecessarily to extend the movie without any significant development. The whole Chennai thing looks totally irrelevant. I have no clue why they did that single shot climax thing in this film as it had zero impact on the emotional state of the film. The quirk on social media usage was an idea that deserved a better buildup. The excessive goodness and Calicut worshipping is too flattering after a point. Except for the music, everything else here is on the average side.

Foundation of a movie is the script and if you try to build anything over that won’t work if the foundation is not deep and strong. If the script had given a sensible interpretation to the romance, Matchbox would have managed to stay in our heart.