Mayaanadhi review: feels like a breath of fresh air

Mayaanadhi review: feels like a breath of fresh air

Depicting love with all its complexities and vulnerabilities is a tough task. Usually movies tend to propagate a fake outlook of love that has pseudo moral values. What Aashiq Abu has achieved through Mayaanadhi is somewhat a demolition of all those existing stereo types. Written by Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair, this beautiful movie feels like a breath of fresh air.

Maathan was this engineering pass out who always used unconventional and slightly crooked ways to earn a living. At the end of one underworld associated operation, Maathan comes to Kochi to meet his ex-girlfriend Aparna. How this arrival changes a lot of things in the lives of these two is what Mayaanadhi exploring.

Aashiq Abu applies the realistic treatment style to a romantic story and the output he has managed to get is something so endearing. The lack of melodrama in the behaviour of characters makes it look so rea and relatable. There are small textures we might have come across in modern day relationships and the director skilfully infuses all of them into the narrative. Even the other political statements are getting blended very smoothly to the main narrative. Even after having two sides to the story which are entirely different in nature, Mayaanadhi still remains as a take on romance.

We have seen Aishwarya Lekshmi as that less important heroine in Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela. And with this one this new comer stunned me. She has that x factor which makes an actress out of a good looking girl. Aparna needed to be real and Aishwarya Lekshmi without any inhibition becomes that character. Tovino Thomas is underplaying here to become that innocent and immature Maathan. Harish Uthaman, Ilavarasu and Leona Lishoy are the other characters one would easily recollect as they all had characters that communicated something with the viewers.

The roughness and the sincerity in showing the human side of characters is what make Mayaanadhi so captivating. Syam Pushkaran is someone who prefers minimalism and that is something that pushes the viewer to explore the characters even after the movie. The physical relationship is a something that main stream cinema avoids and kudos to this film for depicting that in a very aesthetic way. The characters here have some statements to make about a lot of things including social and religious behaviours. The trust debate happening in the last quarter also invites the viewer in to a conversation. Beautifully captured frames and soulful music only makes it even more beautiful.

Mayaanadhi is a beautifully made movie. The layers of romance we get to see in this film is something most of us might have hoped to see in cinemas. By touching many aspects of human emotions, this film manages to give you a hefty emotional hangover.