Mohanlal movie review - not even satisfying for a hard core fan

Mohanlal Malayalam movie review 2018

Being loud and eccentric was a style that we usually see in Tamil movies. Malayalam is an industry the predominantly gives focus to having content than packaging a movie with entertainment elements. The new Sajid Yahiya movie Mohanlal is about a fan of the actor and it in no way tries to convey a satisfying story rather than glorifying the star and making a mess of the love he has received from people. With an excruciating runtime of almost 3 hours, this one is pretty much a test of your senses.  

Meenakshi is the hardcore Mohanlal fan we are talking about. She was born on the day Manjil Virinja Pookkal released and after that, she eventually became a fan of the actor through the various performances he delivered. Sethu, her childhood friend is now her husband and when this madness for Mohanlal starts to affect the family relationship the marriage goes through difficult times and the movie Mohanlal is about all that.

A psychological condition is a justification given by the writer and director for the extreme actions of Meenakshi. To be honest, that is not at all sufficient to convince the viewer. The viewer is constantly in that zone where he or she will feel like why can’t they just talk and solve the issue. We as an audience get to know the character of Meenu much better than her childhood and now husband Sethu. The nature of the movie is very similar to the other fan films we have seen where we get to see the fans emulating the physically impossible stuff. There is a scene where when a nurse asks which is your blood group a fan responds by saying Mohanlal is their blood group. This kind of cheesy cheap playing for the fans type of writing is the downside of Mohanlal.

Manju Warrier’s depiction of Meenakshi goes out of control and she becomes an annoying character rather than an ardent fan. Indrajith, in my opinion, did his best to make the character look like a believable grounded one. Aju Varghese was over comical. Salim Kumar, Hareesh Kanaran, and Soubin Shahir are just pointless additions just for the posters and trailers.

Sajid Yahiya seems to have a vision about certain kind of so-called mass scenes. But the script he chose can’t create those scenes in a sensible way. Mohanlal feels like a terribly confused mix. It feels nonsensical mostly, but the makers are trying to make it feel like an emotional story. The useless addition of characters for skit jokes is something we see in Tamil movies. The music by Tony Joseph is apparently the only positive in my opinion.

Mohanlal will test your patience if you are in the neutral category who appreciates his acting rather than worshipping. Even if you are a hardcore fan, this is not a completely satisfying experience.