Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Review: an average popcorn entertainer

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Review: an average popcorn entertainer

My Boss was the first comedy film Jeethu Joseph tried and succeeded. His new movie Mr.  & Ms. Rowdy starring Kalidas Jayaram and Aparna Balamurali is an attempt to get back to that zone. But sadly the climax of this Linta Jeethu script is an extremely clumsy and outdated one which sort of draws the movie backward from being an okay comedy movie.

A gang of wannabe goons is our main characters here. They committed a crime in childhood and when they got released after their jail term, they were not accepted nicely by the society forcing them to continue the bad job. The change that happens to this aimless reckless life when a girl named Poornima enters their life is what the movie Mr. & Ms. Rowdy showing us.

A harmless comedy was always a possible target for this script. A gang of losers always in some sort of trouble itself has scope for comedy. And when they place a fearless young girl in the center of it, the humor quotient definitely rises. And the movie kind of takes advantage of the premise to an extent and you will find hilarious moments here and there. But the movie becomes way too predictable and familiar when it enters the grey zone. It almost felt like they just embedded a simple usual climax just to end the film when they ran out of jokes.

Kalidas Jayaram should work on his Malayalam dialogue delivery as the charm the guy has gets lost because of the poor dialogue delivery. He is in the middle of a lot of talented actors in this movie and his inability clearly shows on screen. Aparna Balamurali has the energy and enthusiasm to play the character of Poornima and even after having played a similar character before, she brings a sense of freshness to the character in Mr. & Ms. Rowdy. The gang comprises of actors like Ganapathi, Vishnu Govindan, Shebin Benson, and Sarath Sabha. Ganapathi definitely has the material in him to carry substantial character roles. Vishnu Govindan as the quintessential comedian was fine. Shebin Benson was okay in his role and Sarath Sabha manages to impress the viewers within the short span of time he got on screen. Two performances that were minimal yet impressive were from Shaheen Siddique and Esther Anil. Sai Kumar, Vijay Babu, Joy Mathew, Meghanathan, Vijayaraghavan etc. are the other major names in the cast.

Linta Jeethu has penned the script of this movie and it seems like they locked the story when they got the basic plot which offers humor in treatment. This Jeethu Joseph movie marks his break from the thriller genre and the treatment and some of the jokes will definitely remind you of the Dileep starrer My Boss from the same director. The characters kind of have equal space and that was one good thing about the script. But where the movie fumbles after being an okay film are when the climax detour happens. The predictability and the lack of surprise in those areas with no humor happening sort of drains the movie considerably. The cinematography was fine and the music wasn’t making an impression. The background score was a bit too loud.

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy is definitely not an unbearable film with sick jokes. It had the scope to be an okay popcorn entertainer. But the lack of novelty in approaching the content affects the climax formation and that leads to the disappointing overall result of this movie.