Nawal Enna Jewel Review: a shoddy movie you can forget about

Nawal Enna Jewel Review: a shoddy movie you can forget about

Renjilal Damodaran’s Nawal Enna Jewel is a mediocre movie that gets in to your nerves with its lack of quality. Even the drama written and performed by school kids had better realistic dialogues when compared to the ones we hear in this film. The extremely slow movie is trying desperately to be a relatable relevant one and fails miserably in achieving that.

Nawal is this interior designer in the Middle East who is the daughter of a Malayali woman and an Iranian man. She was raised by her mother and Chachu. At one point, this modern positive girl is forced to face a harsh situation in the male dominant world and what we get to see on screen is the struggle she goes through after that.

The basic story of Nawal Enna Jewel has enough to make a movie. That could be the only reason why someone like Adil Hussain came on board with this project. But the film has been crafted pathetically. The conversations you hear in this movie are terrible. Even the most usual dialogues are getting delivered like the Shashi Tharoor tweets. And Adil Hussain’s character in this movie is speaking Malayalam in a way even Ezhuthachan won’t get it. The film tries to have an international face in the second half and we are like clueless on how all this suddenly became international.

Iranian actress Reem Kadeem has tried her best to emote for the character of Nawal. But her lack of understanding of the language and completely flawed dubbing causes issues. Shwetha Menon is largely covered in a prosthetic makeup which has a totally nonsensical back story. Her performance in the climax wasn’t that pleasing. Adil Hussain is fine in being the character but I don’t know why they forced him to say all those Malayalam lines. Alen Matters and Anjali Nair fail to handle the dialogues effectively. Paris Laxmi, Anu Sithara and Sudheer Karamana are there in brief roles.

The drama quotient in Renjilal Damodaran’s making is excessive. The kind of intellectual lines the characters utter every now and then will irritate you. The experience of watching Nawal Enna Jewel is almost like watching those pseudo art house films. The relevance of theme is the only valid reason they can say, but the writing here is absolutely trashy. Street dramas had better performances and soul. Songs were fine while the art was poor.

Being socially relevant isn’t an excuse to cover the extreme shoddiness in a movie’s conception. Nawal Enna Jewel has gone wrong in multiple levels. It is one movie you can suggest to your enemies.