Neeyum Njanum Review: a tiring experience

Neeyum Njanum Review: a tiring experience

When the movie shifts its plot frequently, it becomes annoying rather than being unpredictable. The problem with AK Saajan’s new movie Neeyum Njanum is the same. A very ordinary love story is thrown into complications that are so disjoint that you might feel a bit frustrated seeing its randomness. The performance of the leading lady Anu Sithara is apparently the only major positive here and other than that, this AK Saajan love story is a lackluster outing.

A young police officer named Yakub is assigned the duty of closely monitoring a girl named Hashmi whose brother is a naxal. The equation between the two gradually becomes a romantic one culminating in their marriage. But the relationship that never had the support of the family goes through problematic phases and the movie Neeyum Njanum shows us one such phase through which the couple undergoes.

In the beginning, the movie feels like an investigative movie with the entire tracking thing in the script. But soon it becomes that Perumazhakkalam type struggle story of a helpless wife. But post interval, Neeyum Njanum is a one place thriller like Shutter. This transition doesn’t look like a planned one and that’s the major reason why the movie just doesn’t work. The second half of the screenplay is stuck creatively and the makers are depending excessively on outer noises like the sidetrack humor. Saajan mocks some of the recent political developments in the second half. The movie was about trust in a husband-wife relationship, but the distraction affects that agenda.

Sharaf U Dheen had that tendency to go back to his Girirajan style mannerisms and that really made the character ordinary or unsurprising. In the second half we don’t get to see much of him on screen, but whenever he was there, he did his part effectively. Anu Sithara looks gorgeous and emotes even better. The melodramatic character offered to her was handled neatly by the actress without making any of it cringe-worthy. Siju Wilson has a lengthy role in the movie, but that never felt like a challenge. Vishnu Unnikrishnan is there for the sake of comedy. Appunni Sasi is getting stereotyped in a particular kind of character. The elaborate cast has so many pointless cameos and unmemorable characters. This time AK Saajan has no twists and turns in his agenda. The story is more on the human emotion side, but sadly the writing isn’t that earthy.

AK Saajan doesn’t have any fresh idea to place a romance convincingly and he goes after glorifying stalking. The writing seems to have no real aim as it shifted from one conflict to another without much reasoning. Even the way the heroine survives the mob’s trial has an escapist approach rather than addressing the problem. The music was good even though the placing was odd. Technically the movie was pretty much on the average side.

Neeyum Njanum is a tiring experience that frequently shifted its agenda. The actors here were effective in the roles assigned to them. But because of the lackluster writing, the movie feels dull and tedious.