Nithya Haritha Nayakan Review: simply a zero plot mess

Nithya Haritha Nayakan Review: simply a zero plot mess

Nithya Haritha Nayakan is easily a zero plot mess that has an intention showing the evolvement of a young man but has no clue on how to do it. The initial bits of the movie where we see the school life love story of the hero, there is a chunk of humor that will kind of give you the kind of vibe we have seen in movies like Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan or an Amar Akbar Anthony etc. But that was it, the rest 2 hours of this movie is a pointlessly dragged comedy of errors. And with that climax message about the usage of mobile, the writer and director openly admit that things got out of their hands. 

It is hard to summarize the plot of Nithya Haritha Nayakan as the movie itself is struggling hard to have a plot. What we see basically is the three love stories in Sajimon’s life; one in school, one in college and one when he was a mature young man. How all those crushes/relationships affect his life is what it is trying to show us.

There were movies like Premam that worked with a thin plot and managed to give results that were totally engaging and fresh. But here the same thin plot is getting pampered by dialogue jokes and the already thin plot pretty much gets destroyed in the process. The makers are trying to include everything that worked in the past and in the yesteryears. Almost every woman in the story is either silly, annoying or a cheat and yeah the majority of the audience dominated by men was laughing at all that. The movies throw in the idea of depression at a point so awkward that you won’t feel any sense of empathy towards the victim here. Just like I already mentioned the ending note of the movie is so bizarrely disconnected from the actual theme and I got furious seeing such laziness in filmmaking.

AR Binuraj is a debutant who has actually worked with people like Shaji Kailas and Diphan in the past. The director seems to have not updated the craft of making films according to the times and at times watching this movie inside a theater is a time travel experience as the kind of cinematic moments is no longer used in cinemas. Songs, sentiments, and humor are getting thrown at us randomly and the screenplay isn’t adding up to become an interesting drama. The caricature comedy at one point shifts its tone to a family drama and that was an extremely awkward mix which never really blended. Barring some interesting songs, there is hardly any acknowledgeable technical glory is there in the film.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan now has a market and I strongly feel that he should now try to explore different shades of characters. Playing the insecure young man who has this beauty complex is no longer the thing one wants to see from him. Dharmajan who is also the co-producer of the movie doesn’t have that much role here. Basil Joseph was really impressive as the best friend from school days. Another major good performer was Manju Pillai. Jayashree Sivadas looked graceful. Akhila Nath and Sivagami had pretty much nothing to do. Raveena Ravi just doesn’t have the grace in performance to impress us. The number of “comedian” actors here is beyond my count.

Nithya Haritha Nayakan is an exploitation of the likeability of people like Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan. The movie hardly has a plot for you to tell your friend what you saw inside the theater. With randomly stitched series of subplots ending up as a movie with a climax that tries to be a preach, AR Binuraj’s first movie won’t be an evergreen memory for most people.