Njan Prakashan movie review : a charming entertainer

Njan Prakashan Movie review

As an entertainer, Njan Prakashan is clearly a winner in the box office. It may be one more to the list of typical Sathyan Anthikkadu movies, where we see the transformation of one young guy to a very mature and responsible person. But that usualness gets covered up by a flawless Fahadh Faasil and the easy writing of Sreenivasan. And both these men have helped Sathyan Anthikkad to get back to his elements.

Prakashan is a nursing graduate and his father Achuthan was a teacher. Egoistic Prakashan decides not to do the nursing job saying it doesn’t suit men. Crooked Prakashan decides to go for a shortcut to have better financial stability but he had to pay the price. How that happens and what happens to Prakashan post that is what Njan Prakashan showing us.

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In retrospect, the writing and acting were crucial factors in the success of vintage Sathyan Anthikkad movies. I am saying this because what makes Njan Prakashan stand apart from recent Sathyan Anthikkad films is definitely the acting of Fahadh Faasil. I don’t think there were many actors in the industry who managed to crack the tone of the signature Sreenivasan comedy and Fahadh Faasil has joined that unique league with this movie. The second half of Njan Prakashan is more like a Sathyan Anthikkadu style of writing. But Sreenivasan manages to tweak the melodrama for the better making it a typical yet hilarious comedy.

Njan Prakashan may have a resemblance with Vinodayathra. The assembling of Mr. Anthikkadu’s movies is also there evidently. But the writing of Sreenivasan saves it from being a cliché. The woman bitching kind of segment in the movie was used effectively to show the hero his true side. In the second half things could have been cheesy. But with humor and grace, the team covers up the flaws and delivers an engaging and partially heartening comedy. You can see Sreenivasan’s humor coated political digs in dialogues. S Kumar’s cinematography style also has an updated tone. The pacing of the cuts was good and Shaan Rahman adds a minimal and effective score to the movie.

The chances of Njan Prakashan becoming an overdone comedy were high if it wasn’t Fahadh Faasil in the lead role. He has taken the movie to the next level almost single-handedly. There are multiple scenes where the dialogues are flowing effortlessly from his side and there is a great level of conviction in his performance. Sreenivasan as an actor had more energy and flow in this movie. Nikhila Vimal was nice as Salomi. Newcomer Devika Sanjay makes a really good impression. Anju Kurien was just okay.  

Njan Prakashan isn’t a novel concept to surprise you. But the wit in writing and the effortlessness in performances will give you the kind of laughter you always wanted to get from the combination of Sathyan Anthikkadu and Sreenivasan.