Odiyan Movie Review: An over hyped ordinary movie

Odiyan Movie Review: a clear case of cinematic fraud

After many months of promotional extravaganza, today Odiyan released and looking at the way this much of hype has been created over a movie that has very much nothing to impress its viewers, I would say Odiyan is a movie that tricked the viewer or to be more precise Odiyan is a movie that cheated its viewers. An old clichéd plot gets an execution that is even more lackluster making the whole experience an extremely dull and disappointing one.

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The main protagonist Odiyan Manikyan has left his village Thenkurishi 15 years ago after getting wrongly accused of crimes he hasn't committed. Manikyan who is in Varanasi right now gets a reason to come back to Thenkurishi to settle all at once. How that goes is what Odiyan showing us.

The audacity of the filmmakers to show a used out theme and market it as something unique and huge is something that should be penalized. We have a story that would have sounded as an average story 20 years back. There is a dialogue in the second half of the movie, where Odiyan's love interest Prabha offers porridge and in my opinion that scene was an ultimate example of unintentional comedy. The thin and shallow script has characters that are nothing short of caricatures.

Apart from a pleading scene in the second half, there is hardly anything for Mohanlal to do here rather than the hyped physical transformation. Manju Warrier's dialogue delivery is flawed at many places and yet she manages to be a convincing Prabha. I hated the way they under used someone like Prakash Raj and making him a bad guy on the basis of skin tone was highly regressive. Sana Althaf was okay and Narain was disappointing. Siddique, Innocent, Nandu, Kailash etc are there in forgettable roles and Antony Perumbavoor is the comic relief of the movie.

VA Shrikumar Menon has a very outdated taste in making. He is almost stuck in the trend that worked two decades ago. The script of Odiyan hardly explores the less explored Odiyan life. And the odi vidhya of the movie is more like hitting people from the back in the dark. The makers have no respect for the intelligence of the viewers. The suspense elements are visible from a mile ago. Melodrama is unbearable in conversations. After making us hope to see the end of the film very soon, Shrikumar Menon opens up the Odiyan Prabha love angle which also feels like a never ending one. Shaji Kumar's DI spoiled the Peter Hein stunts as everything was happening in the dark. Music was good but never went in sync with the film. Background score was highly repetitive. Visual effects were disheartening and even the edits looked shoddy.

Odiyan is a tiresome experience that will make you look at the clock every five minutes in the second half. I hope the physical transformation of Mohanlal would come in handy in the future for a better character.