Orayiram Kinakkal review: a film you won’t regret watching

Orayiram Kinakkal review: a film you won’t regret watching

The quick money making plans driven movies often end up being completely illogical or superficial after a point. The new film Orayiram Kinakkal directed by debutant Pramod Mohan is not such a film. It is a bit thin on the depth level, but the rooted characters who looks and sounds natural makes the movie an engaging joyful onetime watch.

An NRI businessman Sreeram is our main protagonist. He had a plan to open a London model restaurant in Kochi but due to unforeseen financial troubles, he was unable to fulfill that dream. Moreover he never let his wife and kid know about his actual financial situation which eventually leads him to an extremely tight scenario. At that point he meets this young guy named Jaison who shows him to make huge sum of money by doing something crooked. Orayiram Kinakkal is showing us how that plan goes.

Like I said, Pramod Mohan has kept thing in a controlled environment. Even though the characters here are peculiar, they are not becoming caricatures at any point. The film manages to ground its characters by using normal humor. Towards the end of the movie also we get to see an emotional angle of almost each of the character and that makes the movie slightly above the usual funny film tag. Some of the things happening in the last quarter of the film may not be a practical one, but Pramod Mohan manages to camouflage that and make it look like a possible thing.

Biju Menon is not merely doing a comical role here and that’s the reason why his performance here is genuine. There are scenes where you see the softer side of Sreeram and those portions makes him that emotionally challenged middle class man. I hope Roshan Mathew gets more and more meaty roles and rise up eventually as the guy has ease and grace in performing. Sharu Varghes was impressive and so was Kalabhavan Shajon. Sai Kumar and Nirmal were hilarious. . Sakshi Aggarwal, Sreeram, Krishna Kumar, Suresh Krishna and a few more are there in this movie.

The conversations and proceedings in the movie looks natural as they don’t really exaggerate a lot of stuff that usually get over treated in films. The normal way of talking and the not so cliché way of “dealings” makes it more unique. Some of the smaller inclusions in the initial parts are used effectively in the final act. Kunjunni S Kumar stages the frames interestingly; some with proportions and colors and some with shaded lighting. Cuts and the background score were nice while the songs weren’t making much of an impact.

Orayiram Kinakkal is that nice little fun film which you won’t regret watching. If observed meticulously there might be flaws in the execution of the script, but on an initial first impression level this movie has got fun at the core.