Oru Cinemaakkaran review; a disappointing family drama

Oru Cinemaakkaran review; a disappointing family drama

Fluctuations in the focus is the main issue with Oru Cinemaakkaran directed by Leo Thaddeus. The audience are expecting a movie that deals with the struggle of a film enthusiast and what they get here is a thriller that lacks novelty. With predictable and unappealing twists and turns happenings in it's narrative, Oru Cinemaakkaran is a disappointment.

An aspiring film maker Alby and his loving wife Sarah are the main protagonists here. They both got married after separating from their families and the life together had ups and downs. The movie Oru Cinemaakkaran actually focuses on one particular situation of financial crisis which puts Alby in a very tricky situation.

In the beginning we may feel that the struggle of the protagonist is the theme of this film. Then it sort of becomes a family drama and towards the interval we can see it shaping up as a thriller. Then when we sort of get a feeling that it's going to be an emotional one the narrative dives in to certain twists and turns which were not that great to be honest. The lack of flow in humor also causes problems. Their approach towards creating intrigue and tension is also quite outdated.

Leo Thaddeus has earlier made Payyans. That movie also had these elements of unreal coolness and cheesy drama which made it a failure. Here also his rendering and writing of visuals have that artificiality. The investigation part has many flaws which makes the climax twist an unimpressive one. Certain characterizations have no explanations. The visuals and cuts where on the average side while the music department created some impression.

The character of Alby is something that falls in the comfort zone of Vineeth Sreenivasan. The sincerity was there and him along with a natural Rajisha Vijayan makes the lead pair equation a likeable one. Renji Panicker, Vijay Babu, Lal, Anusree and Joy Mathew have done their roles nicely. Prasanth Narayanan repeats his signature lazy style in being that police officer.

The movie tries to claim itself as a story with class and that in my opinion was too much of self-confidence. With only occasional thrills making the experience partially interesting for us, Oru Cinemaakkaran is an underwhelming experience.