Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Review: a logically faulty cinema

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Review: a logically faulty cinema

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan starring Tovino Thomas is actually a bloated courtroom drama that doesn’t feel like an engaging one. Ace director Madhupal trying a commercially appealing treatment just can’t deliver a movie that can be called as thrilling. Madhupal had shown his caliber in the past by making excellent niche films and when it comes to Oru Kuprasidha Payyan his making is underwhelming.

Ajayan is our main protagonist and he is this innocent orphan kind of a guy who works in a restaurant. A Tamil lady who used to deliver food to the restaurant was very close to Ajayan. One day she gets murdered and the one and a half year long investigation finally decides to frame Ajayan. How Ajayan manages to come out of this legal lock with the help of an advocate named Hanna is the content of Oru Kuprasidha Payyan.

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan at its core is a courtroom drama. And the movie reaches that point only at the midway. The major problem is with the sensibility of a lot of events that happens during the trials. Our advocate for Ajayan, Hanna manages to do an investigation about the death of the lady within her limits and finds out shocking details. What bizarre is that Kerala Police who never had the motive of protecting someone for this case never had the basic common sense to check a murdered person’s call records. There are many such similar issues in the movie. Nedumudi Venu’s advocate character is shown as an invincible lawyer and looking at the way he tackles a newbie’s arguments you won’t feel that he gained that stature with intelligence. And the conclusion of the movie was a tasteless court judgment scene that just can’t really give you a feel of any triumph.

Tovino Thomas enters a slippery slope through Ajayan and most of the times he is off balance as we see a performance that doesn’t feel authentic. His idea to approach this clueless young man itself had some cluelessness which resulted in a performance that I feel would end up as a forgettable one. Nimisha Sajayan is fumbling here as Hanna and the good thing is that in most of the court portions that fumbling is a blessing in disguise. Anu SIthara is just there for the posters. Nedumudi Venu was impressive. Siddique had his usual flair. Sujith Shankar was too stiff. G Suresh Kumar as the judge was a real surprise. Saranya Ponvannan was also nice.

The script isn’t foolproof and director Madhupal isn’t really focusing on the central issue here. There is an introduction scene for the hero, there is a romantic side track and there is one jail fight sequence where the movie justifies the lack of action taken against Ajayan in the lamest of ways. The movie’s subtlety will get zero marks and that will be the biggest disappointment factor for any Madhupal fan seeing this movie. Beyond that, the fully exposed story never becomes gripping or exciting for us. The preachy feel and sentiments diminish the possible thriller craft in this movie. And like I said, in the beginning, it is tough to explain the logic of a lot of events in the movie. The technical backend side of the movie is also on the average side.

Madhupal chose to leave his niche at a time niche movies were getting its audience. His decision to make it a social preaching starry vehicle makes it a logically faulty cinema that doesn’t fit his resume of good films.