Oru Kuttanadan Blog Review: another pointless Mammootty film

Oru Kuttanadan Blog Review: another pointless Mammootty film

If you are familiar with the scripts written by Sethu, the beginning portions of Oru Kuttanadan Blog might surprise you as it has some genuine humor. But just before the interval Sethu announces it loud and clear that he has not changed a bit and the entire second half is a tribute to his scripting talent that we have seen in movies like Mallu Singh, Cousins and Achayans. The trailer itself declared the nature of the movie and the film doesn’t throw any surprise to make us think the other way around.

Hari, an NRI who has finally decided to come back to his homeland and live there peacefully is our hero. He is the gang leader to a bunch of young men and he is a part of every crazy thing they do. At one point in this journey, Hari had to face two things that questioned his integrity. How he manages to tackle those two situations is what this movie talking about.

It is so baffling how a superstar whose films haven’t been doing that great on box office is going after lackluster clichéd scripts. This kind of hero-centric films can only please fans who worship you beyond the screen and it is high time Mammootty stop this employment guarantee scheme level script selection. The Hariyettan character is such a glorified one that you might end up hating him for his perfection. He is like the Rajnikanth of Krishnapuram with skills in every darn thing. Even though the humor parts were disjoint, I was finding it funny in the beginning. But just before the interval everything gets tumbled and we are assured that we are in for a Sethu movie.

Yet again this is a script that has given importance to the looks and charm of Mammootty rather than the actor him in. In the humor bits of the first half you can see the actor enjoying the performance, but after that, it is routine underwhelming stuff. Raai Laxmi is placed to create the misogynistic fun element. Anu SIthara is there in a prominent small role. Shamna Kasim was good as the police officer and so was Sanju Shivaram. Nedumudi Venu, Lalu Alex, Ponnamma Babu, Jacob Gregory, Jude Anthany, Sohan Seenulal, Sunny Wayne and Ananya are some of the prominent actors in the long list of actors in this movie.

This is Sethu’s directorial debut and he has started off the movie in an interesting way. The establishing scenes of the hero were quite nice compared to the other movies of the director. But soon the pretentious writing overshadows whatever little quality was there in the writing and with cliché coming in it becomes a mess. You will find both conflicts involving the characters played by Raai Laxmi and Anu Sithara as really fragile and it feels like they were deliberately included for the sake of having a conflict. The logic of some of the delays in the actions of Hari is really weird. Sreenath has managed to give life to the movie through his music while other aspects like cinematography and edits weren’t creating much impact.

Oru Kuttanadan Blog is obsessed with a hero who is unreal and undesirable. Nothing is there in the movie that can be attributed as fresh. One more to the list of pointless movies the megastar has been committing in the last few years.