Ottam Review: a lazily written and poorly directed movie

Ottam Review: a lazily written and poorly directed movie

The poster, trailer etc of the movie Ottam directed by Zam showed something like a fight or competition between two individuals. The baffling part about the movie is that this so-called conflict of the movie is least explored in this lame and tacky story. Ottam is a poorly directed and lazily written movie that just makes you wonder what exactly they are trying to communicate with the audience.

Abin, our hero, is a lower-middle-class guy who has faced setbacks in every place he has gone. And ironically Vinay has always been the guy who grabbed those lost chances of Abin and interestingly both of them don’t know about this you miss I hit scenario. Ottam is about how Abin comes out of this jinxed scenario after going through a lot of personal troubles.

There is definitely a seed of an idea here. But the development of the movie is such that the makers decided not to water the soil without planting the seed. The second guy Vinay you saw in the trailer and I mentioned in the summary is hardly there in the film. The movie had the potential to be a Chappa Kurishu like thriller. But by wasting its entire runtime pointlessly on the life of just one character, the premise gets ruined really badly. Irrelevant comedy and emotional scenes are stuffed in to make it look like a movie with all sorts of emotion. And some of the pointless sequences just goes on and on without making any sense on why it is so important to the film.

Nandu Anand is trying to deliver an earnest performance, but the flawed writing makes us laugh at the character thus failing to create any sort of empathy. Roshan Ullas hardly has any dialogue in the whole film. Alencier is an annoying emotional drunkard. Thezni Khan’s character is there to bitch about women. Manikandan R Achari is becoming way too repetitive. The Chavittunadakam subplot in the film featuring Rohini and Kalabhavan Shajon is still a clueless addition to the movie.

The nonsensical feel in constructing scenes is the major issue here. What the movie is trying is to create multiple events where our hero becomes a victim of the situation and loses his deserving opportunities. During college admission interview, he fails to turn up at the time simply because he couldn’t say no when a man forcefully holds him as a backup blood donor.  That scene is really ridiculous and almost all the scenes that were constructed to create empathy towards Abin had the same mediocre standard. The numerous subplots and love angles in the movie feel way to disjointed. Cinematography, music, editing etc. are very amateurish.

Even after Ottam being a two-hour long movie, I kept looking at the watch to know when I can run away from the theater. Ottam is a movie that has a seed, but the makers forgot to plant it somewhere so that they can nurture it.