Padayottam Review: this gangster comedy will please you

Padayottam Review: this gangster comedy will please you

Gangster comedy is a genre that has not been tried many a time in our industry. The black comedy in Padayottam which is directed by Rafeek Ibrahim at times is little too eccentric. But still, the laughs it manages to create is undeniably genuine and if you aren’t skeptical to look for the sharp logic of events, this gangster comedy will please you even with its flaws.

Pinku, a young man who belongs to a local gang in Trivandrum gets beaten up by a boy from Kasargod. He wants to take revenge and asks for the help of his gang members Renju, Senan and Sree. As the guy was from Kasargod, the gang decides to take the help from notorious goon Chenkal Raghu. The events that happen in this journey from Trivandrum to Kasargod is the core of Padayottam.

Some of the people who saw the movie were giving me a cold look when I gave a positive feedback to the film. The chances of this movie getting an extreme reaction are there on the cards. The recent Biju Menon film Orayiram Kinakkalal was also one such movie which worked for some as a passable entertainer. Those people who hated this film were also laughing hard for the funny sequences that unfold in the second half. Padayottam in a way is our attempt to create a gangster comedy on the likes of movies like Soodhu Kavvum or even a Kolamavu Kokila.

The script has certain starting troubles in the beginning in getting the comedic tone correctly. You can sense a kind of desperation to be a comedy in the early stages. But when the road journey begins, the ride manages to get stability and the movie eventually grabs pace and fun. The trolling of the quotation gang concept is done very effectively. We have a hero who has vomiting problem while traveling in buses, the quotation gang is traveling in lorry and KSRTC bus. A lot of scenes of spoofing is included in the movie questioning the logic of the action movies based on gangsters. Satheesh Kurup’s frames give a rawness to the movie’s texture and the background score and music makes sure that the movie stays wacky and quirky.

This is apparently one of the best scripts that have utilized the complete range of Biju Menon as an actor. He shines as the rough and rofl Raghu. The slang he uses in the film is sort of questionable but there is a performance grace that sort of makes you forget about it. Sudhi Koppa shines in his usual style and so was Saiju Kurupp. Dileesh Pothan maintains the humor through his bossy character and Lijo Jose Pellissery was also perfect as Britto. The best among the supporting cast for me was Basil Joseph whose performance gives a lot of laugh out loud moments. Sethu Lakshmi is the only major female star here with commendable screen space. Ganapathi, Hareesh Kanaran, Suresh Krishna, Anu SIthara, Rahul Dev, Aima etc. are the other prominent names in this film.

Even though it has jitters in the beginning and occasional eccentricity in treatment, there is a flow to the sequential comedy of Padayottam that makes it a hilarious experience. If you are willing to accept the genre of the movie, the experience of watching this gangster comedy won't give you any disappointment.