Pokkiri Simon review - A film for Vijay Fans

Pokkiri Simon Review

The formula of making an entertainer had this idea of creating a lot of humor in the beginning and stuffing some social preach at the end to make it look like a relevant film. Pokkiri Simon from Jojo Antony which tells the story about a diehard fan of actor Vijay is somewhat trying the same. But the entertainment here is so scattered and typical that there is hardly any impact on us as viewers to root for the fun they are trying to offer. Simon is this jobless 27-year-old chap who is the head of the Vijay fans association in Trivandrum. He is always scolded by his parents for roaming around with his friends with no real aim in life. As life moved on one day Simon happened to know about a child trafficking gang in the city and the film shows us the ambitious efforts of Simon to bring the gang down.

It is supposed to be the life of a normal fan and what the makers have done is recreating all the memorable scenes in Vijay films on a low budget setup. Doing a typical Tamil cinema in Malayalam industry is a tough task because of the sensibility issues and here also that causes problems. The spoofing that happens discretely isn’t completely effective. What happens in the life of a character in Vijay’s films isn’t the case of real life and for that reason, Pokkiri Simon can’t be conceived as a sensible story of a Vijay fan. The story starts to have a conflict and focus only after the child trafficking thing steps in and it takes a really long time for the movie to reach there.

This is Jijo Antony’s third film after Konthayum Poonoolum and Darvinte Parinamam and the graph seems to be going down in terms of selecting scripts. Here he has chosen a script that doesn’t really give him a space to show his craft. Ambadi’s script is an amalgamation of all the “iconic” scenes that happened in Vijay films. Romance without depth, cheesy family sentiments, over the top action etc. is happening in the life of a normal fan and that is a bit too hard to convince. The way they justify these star worshipping by making an ISRO scientist go gaga is one ridiculous thought. The Vijay factor is actually just a commercial label to market a story that looks ordinary if you take out the fan thing from it. The other technical aspects like action, cuts, cinematography, and music are on the average side.

There is a need for having a screen presence and an extra grace in pulling off this character. But unfortunately, that is missing in Sunny Wayne’s performance. His typical laziness helps, but here there was a need for something more. Prayaga Rose Martin is just that pretty heroine who is there in a pointless romantic track. Angamaly diaries fame actors are there in the movie playing various roles. Sarath Kumar and Jacob Gregory have a relatively prominent role in this movie. Nedumudi Venu, Baiju, Ashokan, Saiju Kuruppu, Shammy Thilakan, Marshal Tito Wilson, Anjali Nair and many others are there in the film. The most memorable out of them was Mr. Dileesh Pothan.

Pokkiri Simon touches the fan life very peripherally and what it is trying to do is to give the fans a glorified image. Pokkiri Simon is passable if you are a diehard fan of Vijay. Otherwise, it’s just an ordinary movie with a lot of clichés.