Porinju Mariam Jose Review: Joshiy updated his craft

Porinju Mariam Jose Review: Joshiy updated his craft

When realistic cinema started to gain momentum in the box office, there was a discussion that talked about the end of masala drama films. Porinju Mariam Jose directed by veteran director Joshiy is in a way a smart response to that debate by stating that the old school masala can still have an impact if certain updates are added to the treatment of the movie. The characters are the major plus points of this largely predictable revenge story from Joshiy.

The story revolves around three friends; Porinju Mariyam and Jose. Porinju is the right hand of Ipe and Jose is his best friend. He loves Mariam madly but due to her father’s opposition, the marriage between the two never happened. Jose was always the mediator in this relationship making the trio a lovable friendship triangle. The movie Porinju Mariam Jose basically shows us a crucial episode in the life of these three characters that changed everyone’s life drastically.

The movie’s attraction is not its story. It is the way they have built each character that makes the movie an engaging watch. The anti-revenge politics of the movie is shown through visuals that are full of bloodshed. The main antagonist is in an emotionally confused state when Porinju shows his loyalty even at the worst of conditions. The usual feel of the script gets reduced due to the effective build-up they have given to each character.  

The impressive screen presence of Joju George definitely helps the movie in establishing the toughness of Porinju. He is not restricted to a single emotion and the actor was extremely good in portraying the vulnerabilities of the character. Nyla Usha who wasn’t that impressive when the trailer came out, delivered a really good performance gelling nicely with the vibe created by Chemban and Joju. Chemban Vinod Jose gets a character that was in his comfort zone. Rahul Madhav disappointed me with his caricature style villain. Vijayaraghavan, TG Ravi and Sudhy Koppa were really good. 

Joshiy, as a director, has definitely updated his craft through Porinju Mariyam Jose. The script has flatness here and there and it was actually Joshiy’s grip over the creation of so-called mass scenes that elevated the movie. The realistic rawness and dramatic conversations where mixed smartly to get an engaging narrative. The visual language was a key player in the narrative’s success and Ajay David Kachappilly did well in achieving that. Jakes Bejoy was wonderful with the background score and a special mention should be given to the production design.

Joshiy’s reinvention and the solid performances of its leading and supporting actors are the highlights of the movie Porinju Mariam Jose. If the script was a bit more innovative, this could have been a well-crafted movie. Yet Porinju Mariam Jose manages to deliver a big chunk of what it promised.