Pullikkaran Staraa review : a lackluster affair

Pullikkaran Staraa movie review

When the story of the movie has no conflicts, it becomes difficult for us to identify its purpose. Pullikkaran Staraa, directed by 7th-day fame Shyamdhar is a movie that talks about the bachelorhood of 40+ guy who is a teacher trainer. With caricature nature in characters and situations ruining almost everything, this movie has nothing to offer.

Our main protagonist Rajakumaran had a childhood where he was frequently mocked by people for his behavior. It was actually misunderstandings that resulted in the insults. As he became an adult, things weren’t really different. And in the present day, two women enter his life. Pullikaran Staraa shows us his dilemma in that particular situation.

The synopsis might give you the feel of a mature love story. But the movie barely has anything that can be called as mature. After the usual childhood story of the hero, we suddenly get to see him come to a new place where his neighbors are only interested in getting him a partner. These are the kind of bizarre logic one would see in some of the mainstream Tamil movies. The accidental meetings of the hero with our heroines are also visualized pretty lamely. The predictability and unpredictable irrelevant sequences are also a drawback.

Sporadically, Ratheesh Ravi’s script is trying to make an impression on the emotional level. The things Rajakumaran say during his training sessions are insightful, but beyond that everything is pretty lackluster. We get confused whether this is a love story or a social drama. The bus song and the subsequent accident are totally irrelevant. It is hard to believe that the same Shyamdhar made a movie like 7th Day. The cinematography was average. Good songs were placed at really awkward points.

The glamour of Mammootty is the only thing this movie has utilized. Beyond the mere looks, it never challenges him as an actor. Asha Sarath has done a neat job in her role. Deepthi Sathi’s dubbing has got better when compared to NeeNa, but her performance is still not so great. Dileesh Pothan and Innocent are wasted in dumb characters. Hareesh Kanaran was relief in this movie.

They have tried to mix social preaching/ goodness theme into a brittle romantic story. That was a really bad idea and it is the audience who paid the price for it.