Queen review - it does not have many moments of its own

Queen Malayalam movie review

The cases like Nirbhaya, Jisha, and Soumya has had an impact on the movie industry in the last few years as we have seen a lot of films made on the same topic. Even though it is promoted as a film about a girl’s entry to the mechanical branch of an engineering college, Queen is also ultimately taking the path of those films that mostly supported the mob justice. Except for the Pink inspired climax portions that happen in the end, Queen doesn’t have many moments of its own.

The engineering college in the film decided to start the mechanical branch and our heroes are the first ones to join that batch. Soon after the classes began they came to know that there will be a girl who will join them. Even though the “men” tried to stay away from the woman, her charm melted the ice and they all became close friends. The movie Queen is about certain things that happened to this girl and how her friends in her class reacted to it.

The film starts off as a campus story and then it becomes that cliché story of a “goodness” filled dying protagonist and ultimately it becomes the genre I mentioned in the beginning. The lack of clarity in the minds of the makers in structuring this film is quite clear if you look at the way the screenplay goes. It is like an underdeveloped story of a theme that needed boys of mechanical engineering at the center. The sentimental cheesy dialogues weren’t working at all for the film. The climax portion that questioned the moral compass of the society would be highly engaging if you haven’t seen the better version of that (Pink).

Director Dijo Jose Antony is trying to capitalize on certain emotions, but he has no interest in investing time in it. And a lot of the scenes are derived from a lot of images that circulated in social media. The scene similar to the viral photograph happens after a really tragic thing and that was really an awkward placing for a scene. Sentiments and politics that take over the content in the second half are too desperately trying to be “a relevant” film. The cinematography was okay with DI having noticeable issues. The nice songs of this film weren’t placed neatly.

The fresh faces in the film are mostly struggling to make an impression. Except for the guy who played Kooli, the rest are struggling deeply to crack emotional scenes. The heroine Saniya Iyyappan is a cute face. But her character and performance in this film were a bit too cute and innocent to be convincing. Salim Kumar was really good, Nandu did his part neatly and Sreejith Ravi was caricaturish.

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Queen doesn’t have a content that can be called as unique or compelling. They have assembled a lot of pieces from various movies to create a story. The occasional humor and the end debate is the only thing that helps this film in being alive.