Role Models review; a film that won’t stay in your head long

Role Models review; a film that won’t stay in your head long

Hopes weren’t that high surrounding the new Raffi movie Role Models because of its casting that had a majority of actors who weren’t really the kind of choice the director would make. With promos not really showing much of an excitement I was hoping for a popcorn passable entertainment. But with a bloated plot that tries to sneak into many areas, this movie is funny only in bits.

Gautham has become this workaholic who is not so social with anyone. His transformation has alarmed his parents and they decided to approach his college friends to sort out the issues. Friends decide to go to Goa and the movie Role Models is basically about the journey to Goa and events that unfold there.

If the kind of slapstick instant dialogue humor is your criterion for calling something funny, this movie has portions that would work for you. Raffi is only interested in capitalizing on such humor. In terms of story and plot the film has no real focus and it tries to include too many things. The mid way Anniyan twist and certain events surrounding that don’t make any sense while we reach the climax. There are some really cheesy scenes that try desperately to make our characters look like role models with values. The slapstick tone of narrative just makes these scenes look ridiculous on screen.

Fahadh Faasil gets a character with no real substance. The characterization itself is an unreal one with weird mood swings. Sharafudheen repeats his usual style which luckily is not boring. Talented actors like Vinay Forrt and Vinayakan are somewhat wasted in roles that doesn’t challenge them at all. Namitha Pramod was good in her role. The cast has names like Renji Panicker, Srinda, Seetha, Raffi and a few more including a cameo by Harisree Ashokan.

Raffi presents the comedy in the same way he did in Ring Master. But unlike that story this one has a theme that is all over the place. Psycho nature of hero, student suicide, women safety and many elements are included in a comedy film that doesn’t present any of this in a heartening way. Sometimes the movie adds some comedy track that is so much in contrast with the previous scene. The “Thechille Penne” song and its lyrics couldn’t be justified by the situation in the movie and the music overall was underwhelming. There is a scene featuring Srinda which only ridicules women. Shamdat’s cinematography was good.

If a series of skit jokes that are highly dependent on the mumbled dialogues would work for you, Role Models might please you. But if satisfying story and convincing visuals are a concern, this one is just a passable movie that won’t stay in your head.