Rosapoo movie review - a predictable one

Rosapoo Malayalam movie review

Rosapoo, the new movie starring Biju Menon and Neeraj Madhav is a victim of packaging tactics of commercial cinema. This movie is about the making of low budget adult soft porn films that had a major run back in the 2000s. But the idea to make it a comedy movie about a guy who has no idea about doing business ruins the fun considerably and eventually making this movie a dull one.

Ambrose and Shajahan are two close friends. Shajahan has a lot of debt as he always goes behind crazy business ideas. At one point his MBA friend advised him to do a soft porn movie on a low budget (The movie is set in 2001). The stories about the success of such films blind Shajahan and he ropes in Ambrose, an aspiring filmmaker, as his director. What happens in that filmmaking process is what this movie showing us.

When you finish the movie, you can probably sense that the core idea behind Rosapoo was to convey a love story cum preach in the backdrop of an industry that got expired. But this movie has less seriousness on focusing on that aspect. That plotline gets stuffed in between a lot of tried and tested desperate comedy tracks. The movie had scope even without the character played by Biju Menon. It felt like a no-brainer comedy in the beginning and then it went on to become a preachy film.

Biju Menon has a typical style of handling comedy and that gives a minimum guarantee to his performances. Here also that has happened and for the first time, I could see him struggle a bit to give life to those dull jokes. Neeraj is evolving as a better actor by each film and this film also has him playing the character neatly. Anjali was a good choice and she performed nicely. Soubin was also there in his typical style. Other characters in the movie are played by fabulous actors. But unfortunately, all those roles were forgettable.

The idea of packaging a movie into entertainer rather than sticking on to the original idea is the main problem of Vinu Joseph’s writing. The shift of the movie from genre to genre sort of disturbs us. The overwritten screenplay feels far too long. You don’t feel for characters by the time the movie ends. Rosapoo is a very predictable movie too. The cinematography is average. Because of the poor screenplay, the BGMs also get affected. Edits were also bit cluttered.

Rosapoo is one movie that tried to squeeze in a lot of stuff to make it look like an entertainer. If they had tried to give emphasis on the soul story of this film, one would have definitely clapped at the end seeing that gracious cameo.