Sadrishavakyam 24:29 review: a creepy tolerance challenger

Sadrishavakyam 24:29 review: a creepy tolerance challenger

What has gone terribly wrong in this largely flawed film named Sadrishavakyam 24:29 is the casting of the leading lady. Sheelu Abraham is the center of this movie that traverses through the revenge quest of a woman. With her being totally mediocre, this dull film becomes tiring experience for the viewer.

The central protagonist of the movie Anna is married to a man whose family is actually responsible for destroying her entire childhood, including the death of her parents. The girl is trying to take revenge on them in a gradual process and the film Sadrishavakyam 24:29 is showing us how she does that and what all things she had to go through during that.

Remember those old dramas in Malayalam films were we would see blackmailing and revenge of the lost child etc. as the central theme? The writers of Sadrishavakyam 24:29 seem to be still captivated by that kind of story. The scenes here are undercooked and too dramatic to digest. Sequences which needed sensibility are presented carelessly. The obvious bad acting just makes the viewing experience a torturous one and occasionally it becomes an unintended joke too.

M Prasanth is the director of the film and he doesn’t seem to be concerned about how the depiction would work for the audience. There is no attempt here to make it gripping. The irrelevant subplots aren’t adding anything sufficient to the plot. Prasanth’s attempts to show Anna as this vengeance filled character seems unbearably lame and sometimes all you can do is a facepalm. The music from 4 Musics is the only mildly positive thing in the film and even 4 Musics are not interested in delivering a completely fresh track.

Sheelu Abraham has taken up a role that is way out of her league. Her voice modulation and dull expressions have no sync what so ever. Manoj K Jayan looks so artificial in his performance with all those attitude laughs and other things. Kalabhavan Shajon was fine. The cast that has names like Meghanathan, Siddique, Anjali, Niyas and a few more doesn’t have much to perform here.

Sadrishavakyam 24:29 is a terrible film by all means. The basic thing to do in a female centric film is to find the right person to play the pivotal role and that has gone wrong for this film. With a theme that never creates any excitement, this one is challenging your tolerance.