Sarvopari Palakkaran Review - A shoddy movie

Sarvopari Palakkaran Review

The Best film of 2017, that was what was written on the posters of Sarvopari Palakkaran. As someone who has watched most of the good films that got released this year, I can confidently say that Sarvopari Palakkaran is not even the last one in that league. It is a shoddy movie that takes socially significant news articles and converts it in to a predictable cinema formula.

Special branch officer Jose is our central protagonist. He is an orthodox Palakkaran who has got engaged to a girl named Linta. After the engagement Jose was in charge of an important case that dealt with human trafficking. The way the case goes and how the involvement of an activist named Anupama changes the path of this investigation is what the movie talking about.

Suresh Babu who has written scripts for movies like Shikkar and Kanal continues to be dramatic in presenting conflicts and characters. The film from director Venu Gopan is presented from the point of view of Jose and because of that a lot of unnecessary elements get a place in the narrative. The villain here is not getting captured under a cat and mouse play. He is a victim of his own emotion and all this glamour of Palakkaran heroism doesn’t really get sync with that story line. The film is jumping from relevant main plot to irrelevant subplot randomly. And the ruffle between Anupama and Jose also has this excessive buildup.

Treatment here doesn’t have intrigue and the script can’t contain its purpose in an engaging way. We get to see various versions of Jose’s interaction with different people and because of the lack of connect in each of these relationships the movie looks quite disjoint. The old fashioned script has characters that are almost caricatures. Kiss of Love, the mishap happened to the Bangladeshi girl here etc are there in the film but they won’t have any impact on you. The music and background score aren’t catchy. The sound design was poor. Cinematography was average and the edits were bizarre.

Anoop Menon’s usual style was enough for this character as Jose wasn’t an acting challenge for him. Aparna Balamurali manages to make the character look more real when compared with others and the only flaw was in the climax dialogue rendering. Anu Sithara looks pretty and doesn’t really have much of a screen time in the film. Alencier and Balu’s jokes are a misfit for the film. Gayatri Arun, Chali Pala and Nandu are there in other important roles.

Sarvopari Palakkaran ruins its scope to be a thriller with relevance. A better making and a well-researched script with more realistic conversations would have made this movie a slightly better film