Sathyam Paranja Visawsikkuvo Review: a good social satire

Sathyam Paranja Visawsikkuvo Review: a good social satire

Sajeev Pazhoor’s second script, Sathyam Paranja Visawsikkuvo directed by G Prajith is an interesting social satire. The movie has two tones. One is the personal journey of its hero Suni and the other is the satiric take on societal behavior. While the satire angle is largely funny, the emotional personal space of Suni doesn’t get that adequate space to make us feel for the character.

Our hero Suni is a construction laborer. He is married to Geetha and they have a daughter. Suni has a bad drinking habit which made him an irresponsible family guy in the eyes of everyone. One day Suni happens to see a road accident and that eventually opened a shortcut for him to escape from all the miseries currently in his life. His plan to make the most of that incident and how that pans out is what Sathyam Paranja Visawsikkuvo showing us.

The movie is satirically taking a dig at societal behavior. The way people jump into conclusions and spread false news without any double-checking is one aspect of this movie. But there is an abrupt turn of events in this movie when the twist gets revealed. The characters are going through an intense phase and sadly G Prajith cant capture that emotional state in an impactful way. Sajeev Pazhoor tries to deviate to the human side of his characters, but the intrigue was a must in those portions and due to the lack of it, you will feel some missing in those areas.

Biju Menon is somewhat in his comfort zone of playing a lazy guy with a good heart. It is actually the climax scene of the movie that sort of shows us his acting potential where he manages to hide the flaws of the script through his performance. Other key performer here was Alencier Lopez in a full length character. Samvrutha Sunil was good, but I expected the character to have a little more screen time. Sudhy Koppa will make you laugh out loud for sure. Srikanth Murali was memorable. Dinesh Prabhakar, Sree Lakshmi, Saiju Kurup, Musthafa, Sudheesh, Bitto Davis etc are the other major names here.

In this movie also G Prajith chose the Thalassery background with nobody speaking in the slang. The mix of realism and drama holds the movie in an interesting position. The police in Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo is a mix of old school portrayal of police and the updated version. The expectation issue is another burden this movie carries. Sajeev Pazhoor has previously written Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. That movie was like a textbook of subtlety and comparing to those standards, Sathyam Paranja Viswasikkuvo is far away from that quality. The cinematography was effective and the songs blended with the narrative.

The comedy in Sathyam Paranja Visawsikkuvo is indeed memorable. As I said, the social satire angle of this movie will surely win your heart. But the movie has a parallel emotional track of Suni which couldn’t live up to the expectation.