Sherlock Toms Review: a funny ride through a bumpy way

Sherlock Toms Review: a funny ride through a bumpy way

Shafi is known for making humorous cinemas, not brainless ones, which can be watched along with the whole family. Thus, obviously, we all expect one another clean family entertainer, like Kalyanaraman and Two Countries, when he announces a new movie. Sherlock Toms starring Biju Menon in the lead role is his latest release. Could Shafi maintain his level? How the whole movie is? Let’s analyze.

Thomas alias Sherlock Toms, an aspiring detective, was an average student in studies who is addicted to Sherlock Holmes stories. He was academically dismissed from the school as he was caught cheating on an exam. But, Thomas was not ready to give up. He learned by himself and became an IRS officer. But, his troublemaking wife messes up everything and he lost his job. Rest of the movie shows how he unravel these problems.

Shafi tried his maximum to convert a lifeless script, written by Najim Koya, to a watchable movie. Dialogues written by Sachy could evoke laughter at several instances. The first half of the movie is fairly enjoyable but the second half seems dried, which is enough to drag us into boredom. Neatly executed climax, obviously, raised the graph of the movie to an extent. Bijibal’s songs were average and Rahulraj’s tumultuous background music may gift you a mild headache.

Biju Menon handled the role in his typical style of acting. Srinda Arhaan as an irritant wife really makes us irritated with her expressions and Miya George has nothing much to do. Some counters by Salim Kumar and Hareesh Perumanna were good. Rafi again proved that he is a horrible actor with the same repeated style of acting. The movie has an elaborate star cast that includes Nobi, Kottayam Nazir, Suresh Krishna, Dinesh Prabhakar, Vijayaraghavan and Kalabhavan Shajon.

Overall, Sherlock Toms is not a dish fit for the gods, but there is something that everyone can enjoy. But, if the makers took some more time to rework the script, it would have been a really nice entertainer.