Shikkari Shambhu review: a neither boring nor exciting movie

Shikkari Shambhu review: a neither boring nor exciting movie

The outdated making style is the major problem of the latest Sugeeth movie Shikkari Shambhu which doesn’t have any fresh plot to its credit. The cliché filled movie is in a way another version of what the director did in his first film, Ordinary. The occasional humor does hold the movie in being a non-boring cinema, but at the end, the movie doesn’t really stay in your heart.

Peeli is the main protagonist of the movie. He along with his two companions Achu and Shaji have lived the life of thieves. After one particular robbery attempt they are forced to move from that place and they happened to know that people in Kuruthimalakkavu are actually looking for a hunter to capture a tiger that has been bothering them. So the film tells us about the events that happen there when these three go there in the disguise of hunters.

I felt that it was an amalgamation of two movies that featured Kunchako Boban; Romans and Ordinary. Three thieves are coming to a new place with plans to steal stuff. They ultimately become one among the local people and in the end a mystery gets solved. When the antagonist got revealed in the story, I got a bit excited. But sadly the backstory was too boring and from a possible fresh turn, the movie goes back to the usual routine. They have almost assembled most of the things that have worked previously and this movie will work for you if you are totally okay with accepting repeated content. 

The role offers no challenge in terms of acting and no freshness in terms of characteristics to Kunchako Boban. The character played by Vishnu Unnikrishnan is also written very lazily. Hareesh Kanaran as usual provides the momentary humor. Ssivada gets a relevant character with really no space to perform. Maniyanpilla Raju, Krishnakumar, Johny Antony, Jaise Jose, Aji John, Sadiq, Salim Kumar are there among the other actors of this movie.

The used out style of making wasn’t helping the movie that was already struggling because of an unimpressive story. Cinema has to excite you in any of these areas to create an excitement. The story looks familiar and the predictability factor is also there playing against it. Faisal Ali’s light leak filled awkwardly colored frames are also looking repetitive. Music was good while the art direction wasn’t that great.

You will occasionally laugh during Shikkari Shambhu. But it will be a bit hard to remember those jokes again once you come out of the cinema hall. Because of the assembled nature, this movie is neither boring nor exciting.