Soothrakkaran Review: a seriously outdated subject

Soothrakkaran Review: a seriously outdated subject

Soothrakkaran is a new Malayalam movie starring star sons Gokul Suresh Gopi and Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju. The subject addressed here such a crap that I was wondering how their experienced fathers even let them agree to do this kind of movies. The sign of torture the movie shows, in the beginning, is maintained till the end and I can assure you that this bad acting bonanza can easily give you a headache.

Two best friends Sreekkuttan and Aravindhan are our main characters. They are the sons of two business partners. Aravindhan’s mother passed away some time back and thus Sreekkuttan’s family is like a home to Aravindhan. The movie shows us what happens in the relationship of these two when a girl named Aswathy, the daughter of the third partner in Aravindhan and Sreekkuttan’s fathers’ business, comes into the family.

The one-liner concept of this movie is like an okay clichéd love triangle. But director and writer make sure that it will be far worse from that. The script is an amalgamation of a love triangle, murder mystery, and a social preach against drug use. Writing a message on the silver screen to influence the viewer is the biggest evidence for lack of creativity and craft. The movie is flooded by goodness factors, there is no shortage for racist and sexist jokes, characters are following the standard emotional procedure before getting killed, the police investigation still looks like a joke and we have a cameo by actor Siddique as home minister which has no relevance in this movie.

The movie is a bad acting fiasco. Gokul Suresh Gopi is mostly mimicking his father and sometimes it becomes a mockery. If Gokul thinks off-screen father references on the screen can do any good to his career, he should perhaps ask Pranav Mohanlal. Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju is still struggling with his dialogue delivery and emotions. Varsha Bollama is super naïve and irritating. Lalu Alex, Vijayaraghavan and Santhosh Keezhattur are the supporting father figures. Shammi Thilakan is wasted in a pointless role. Padmaraj Ratheesh has not improved a bit in terms of acting skills.

Hero worshipping seems to be one thing that excites our director Anil Rraj. One hero is introduced as the epitome as he buys a water bottle to our heroine. The second hero is mimicking his father while vandalizing a film set. The vision behind those scenes is totally unique and completely unbearable. Wichu Balamurali, one of the producers of the movie is credited as the writer and music director of the film and I must say that he has failed completely in almost all the departments that he handled. Gross comedy scenes and patriarchal crap getting spoken out as good messages is another unique thing about this movie. The entire technical side of the film is on the mediocre side.

Soothrakkaran is a seriously outdated subject stuffed with a ridiculous amount of pointless subplots. Facepalm is perhaps the only reaction one can possibly have to a creation like this. Star kids need to show some more maturity and responsibility when they are utilizing the fame their fathers created for them.