Suvarna Purushan - a most bizarre level of film making

Suvarna Purushan Review

Suvarna Purushan is a movie that is quite easily an insult to the legendary actor Mohanlal as it has zero quality to it's credit. We have already witnessed a movie that used the name of the actor and said the excuse of being a fan film. And this one has pure business intentions and no interest in being a movie that has content. The lack of plot is so evident that even if someone walks out, you can't blame them.

There is hardly any plot in this movie to narrate as a summary. The film is supposed to be the story of a fan named Rappayi who has been a film projector operator for a long time. But it is way too beyond that and there is nothing there one can call as a story. Rappayi can be considered as a narrator of the story, but he has pretty much nothing to do in this film.

The scripting logic here is basically to worship the star to the most bizarre extend. He gets the credit of almost everything and the reasons are so cheesy and lame. The wafer thin idea of the movie is depending too much on improvised scripting. They just decided to shoot some random things that may happen in the theater premise during the release day of a movie and they added jokes and cheesy sentiments to it. The compiled output of that becomes this tacky movie named Suvarna Purushan.

Sunil Puveyli is the director of the movie and he also has the writer credit as well. The writing credit seems like a joke as we rarely get to experience a genuine writing in this film. It felt like they just wrote down random stuff as they got the dates of random actors. The characters appearing here has no real relevance. God knows what Pradeep Kottayam and Sinoj Varghese we're doing in the movie. None of the characters in the film feels relevant and the scenes makes no effect as there is no plot here to build anything. At the end of the film Rappayi desperately tries to shape the chaos that ended as a story and the foolishness just gets bigger.

It is hard to talk about performances in this film as every character is stranded and scattered. There is no character here to look at as a central character. Innocent looks dull, Lena is pointlessly angry, Sreejith Ravi plays an illogical character and Manu is at overacting peak. And the other actors like Sunil Sukhada, Sasi Kalinga etc are just there to fill up the runtime.

Suvarna Purushan has the most bizarre level of film making. The sad or disturbing part is that such pathetic creations are happening in the name of an actor of tremendous caliber. You will sit through this movie wondering what exactly is happening.