Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil Review: something exciting

Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil Review: something exciting

The movie Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil’s positives are largely on the technical side of it. Tinu Pappachan, the long time associate of Lijo Jose Pellissery crafts the movie to be engaging even though the script he has got is not that desperate to be engaging. The success of the director in keeping us invested in the proceedings is the reason why Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil feels like an exciting one.

Jacob was the manager of a money lender. His love affair was about to culminate in marriage and unfortunately his fiancé got involved in a case and the attempts to run away from the troubles ends up in a scenario were Jacob becomes a prisoner for murder. He was in a situation where nobody could save him and he went for the obvious choice of escaping from the prison and this movie is showing us how he managed to do that.

Its not a perfect script in the first place. At the end of the film you will have a lot of questions that are left unanswered. But the thing that you might find an answer inside your head to justify some of those is the quality of the making which makes you forget about such logical issues while you watch the movie. Dileep Kurian tries to make the journey exciting by throwing hurdles in front of the hero to jump across. And even though they are on the filmy side, Tinu Pappachan with his solid technical team makes it look like a convincing attempt. He has tweaked a lot of the typical notion to make them look practical.

Angamaly Diaries fame Antony Varghese plays the role of Jacob in the movie. The role is pretty much similar to his first character and he delivers a neat and convincing performance. Vinayakan has limited space as the rough and tough inmate. Chemban Vinod Jose in his typical style takes care of the humor. Rajesh Sharma is perhaps the only actor in the cast who wasn’t a part of Anagamaly Diaries and he was good. The Angamaly diaries team of actors was also quite effective.

Tinu Pappachan has managed to elevate the screenplay to a different level by adding style and substance in the making. The way the camera pans and pants in those darkish frames, give us a realistic depiction of a prison. The escape plan even though largely typical looks interesting on screen. If they could have managed to include the several subplots in the movie into a clearer culmination, things would have been a bit more interesting. The cinematography was good, the cuts were impressive, the sound design had quality and the cuts were also pretty neat and sharp.

Like I said in the beginning, Swathanthriyam Ardharathriyil is impressive on a technical level and also on the performance level too. If the script was a bit more fresh and precise, it would have been a novel experience. The movie is definitely worth a watch.