Team 5 Review : Really nothing in it

Team 5 Review Malayalam movie

The Bangalore Days subplot about the past of Siva was an emotional one. What Team 5 is trying to achieve is the same emotion though an entire feature film. But the funny thing is that they made it an absurd one. With all the clichés one can imagine in a typical inspirational film, this movie directed by Suresh Govind is a dud.

A passionate bike stunter named Akhil is our main protagonist. He is an engineering dropout and he is doing these things secretly. At one particular point an even takes place in Akhil’s life which forces him to quit all this and move away. What is it and how Akhil recovers from it is what Team 5 dealing with.

It is a movie that has duration of only 100 minutes. But by the time you finish it, you will feel like half a day has gone by. The entire story is like a brisk summery of a story. Suresh Govind makes it too swift in narrating the mediocre story by pointlessly wasting time on irrelevant jokes and bike stunts. The predictability is damn too high and the inspiration ideas used in the film are too cheesy. The central conflict that was the reason why Akhil left the gang was visualized in a very tacky way.

Sreesanth as an actor is a total failure. Director tries to hide his face in most of the scenes. He is either inside helmet, or in a dark shade or showing his back to the camera. In the climax scene, his acting is quite laughable. Pearle Maaney’s portrayal of the annoying sister was actually annoying. Nikki Galrani plays the role of an immature lover. Makarand Deshpande is wasted in a pointless role and the other new faces make zero impression.

Team 5 has been made like a formula movie by Suresh Govind. It takes “inspiration” from every mould. The characterizations are too peripheral and the execution of scenes was really low on quality. Other technical aspects like cinematography and edits were also pathetic. Underwhelming music is aided by mediocre lyrics.

Team 5 is an idea that needed a proper script rather than a hurried narration. There is nothing in this movie that can be pointed out as a positive. The only positive in my opinion is the realization that only 100 minutes of your life got wasted.