Virus Review: a brilliant real-life based thriller

Virus Malayalam Movie Review, Rating - Kunchacko, Tovino

Focusing on the correct aspect of a real-life event has a lot to do with the success of films that are based on such events. The writers of the new Aashiq Abu movie Virus have managed to find that sweet spot and the movie Virus is an engaging thriller that depicts the fight against Nipah outbreak that happened in Kozhikode. With a lot of rooted characters at the center of the action, Virus is a humane story.

So we are all familiar with what happened. An unheard type of fever got reported in Kozhikode Medical College and within a few days multiple similar admissions happened. Eventually, it was discovered that the reason was Nipah virus. The movie Virus actually shows us the tiring efforts of the team of officials and doctor to restrict this disease from spreading.

If you carefully analysis the film, you will understand that it is the brilliantly written script that has given all the other departments an opportunity to perform to their fullest. Muhsin, Sharfu, and Suhas manage to convey a lot about many of the characters through minimal dialogues. The greatness of the jobs done by the people in the health care sector is shown to us by showing the insensitive side of ours towards them. In the first half, the building up of the tension is happening. It is actually the second half where the movie takes the shape of a thriller of a different kind. And the practical and intense hunt that happens in the second half to find the links makes it a riveting thriller.

Just writing down the names of the actors who have done an impressive role in the film can itself take a whole paragraph. The casting is spot on and almost everyone has managed to make those characters look real and sensible. Kunchako Boban, Tovino Thomas, Revathy and Poornima are playing the roles of responsible officers and they were pretty effective. Parvathy, Indrajith, Joju George and a few more are there playing the team members with earnestness. Asif Ali, Sreenath Bhasi, Sharaf U Dheen are given characters with emotional baggage. All of them along with numerous others in the star cast makes sure that every character is memorable for the viewer.

I was concerned whether I will be able to cope with the fact that they have changed a lot of the real characters for the sake of commercial viability. But the movie just convinces you to believe in that fictional reality. The real locations intensify the trauma of the situation. The fictional part of the screenplay is mainly to humanize the numerous characters. The unexplained backstories of the characters played by Soubin Shahir, Asif Ali, etc do evoke empathy towards those characters. The cinematography portrays the dreadful situation in the most practical way possible. The editing of Saiju Sreedharan and the peculiar background score from Sushin Shyam, which respects silence, makes the movie a gripping thriller.

Virus is visibly a collaborative effort. Aashiq Abu is spearheading a team full of talent and the quality of the movie is simply superb. The well-researched script by Muhsin Parari, Sharfu and Suhas have laid the foundation for a brilliant real-life based thriller.