Adhyarathri Box Office Collection Report

Adhyarathri Box Office Collection Report - Biju Menon

Biju Menon - Jibu Jacob team’s second outing Adhyarathri, after the sleeper hit Vellimoonga, has gained the hit status at the box office. Biju Menon plays the role of a marriuage broker who is against love marriages. The movie has received positive response from critics and audience alike. Our reviewer said, “The movie deals with the importance of a girl’s consent in her marriage and the duration of the movie is only around 129 minutes which makes it a time pass comedy with no big takeaways. With a Vellimoonga zone Biju Menon at the center, Aadya Rathri is a typical comedy.”

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The movie has grossed more than 10 crore from the box office. Here is the box office collection report of Adhyarathri.

Worldwide Collection

Region Collection
Kerala 8.65 Crore
Rest of India 45 Lakhs
Overseas 2.68 Crore
Gross Collection 11.78 Crore