Parava box office collection report

Parava box office collection report

Actor turned filmmaker Soubin Shahir’s first directorial venture Parava was released on September 21 in about 180 screens across Kerala. As everyone expected, Parava opened to positive response from both critics and fans. It is appreciated for its sincere making and the way it explored the emotions of a group of conflicted people. The movie, which had 26 shows on Kochi multiplexes, recorded an opening day collection of about 7 Lakhs from there with an exceptional occupancy of around 99%. Parava is produced by Anwar Rasheed under the banner of Anwar Rasheed Entertainments. Read the detailed collection report of Parava here.

The movie crossed 20 crores mark in 36 days.

Kerala Boxoffice

Date Day Collection Gross
21-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection 2.64 Crores 2.64 Crores
22-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection  1.92 Crores 4.56 Crores
23-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection  2.29 Crores 6.85 Crores
24-Sep-2017 4th Day Collection  2.25 Crores 9.10 Crores
25-Sep-2017 5th Day Collection  1.13 Crore 10.23 Crores
26-Sep-2017 6th Day Collection 0.94 Crore 11.17 Crores
27-Sep-2017 7th Day Collection 71 Lakhs 11.88 Crores
28-Sep-2017 8th Day Collection 58 Lakhs 12.46 Crores
29-Sep-2017 9th Day Collection 95 Lakhs 13.41 Crores
04-Oct-2017 14 Days Collection   16.94 Crores
06-Oct-2017 16 Days Collection   17.35 Crores
08-Oct-2017 18 Days Collection   18.03 Crores
12-Oct-2017 22 Days Collection   18.66 Crores
16-Oct-2017 26 Days Collection   19.40 Crores
20-Oct-2017 30 Days Collection   19.72 Crores
26-Oct-2017 36 Days Collection   20.01 Crores
2-Nov-2017 43 Days Collection   20.19 Crores
 07-Nov-2017 48 Days Collection   20.31 Crores

Kochi Multiplex Collection Report

Date Day Collection Gross
21-Sep-2017 1st Day Collection  7.09 Lakhs 7.09 Lakhs
22-Sep-2017 2nd Day Collection  6.21 Lakhs 13.30 Lakhs
23-Sep-2017 3rd Day Collection  7.22 Lakhs 20.52 Lakhs
24-Sep-2017 4th Day Collection  7.42 Lakhs 27.94 Lakhs
25-Sep-2017 5th Day Collection  5.45 Lakhs 33.26 Lakhs
29-Sep-2017 9 Days Collection    52.85 Lakhs
14-Oct-2017 24 Days Collection    1.01 Crores