Varathan Box Office Collection

Varathan Box Office Collection Report - Fahadh Faasil

Fahadh Faasil – Amal Neerad team’s latest outing Varathan, after the much praised movie Iyobinte Pusthakam, has hit the screens on September 20. The movie receives extremely positive responses from critics and audience alike. Our reviewer said, "Varathan is a technically brilliant, interestingly political and engagingly narrated piece of cinema. If the genre needs an evolvement, then perhaps a Varathan can make filmmakers think differently."

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The movie bagged around 2.15 Crores from the Kerala box office on its opening day and registered the biggest opening for a Fahadh Faasil starrer. It has minted over 6 Lakhs from Kochi multiplexes with an average audience occupancy of around 95% on the first day. Here is the detailed box office collection report of Varathan.

Worldwide Collection

Kerala BO 23.51 Crore
Rest Of India 2.48 Crore
UAE 4.16 Crore
Total Gross 30.15 Crore


Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
20-Sep-2018 1st Day Collection 2.15 Crore 2.15 Crore
21-Sep-2018 2nd Day Collection 2.31 Crore 4.46 Crore
22-Sep-2018 3rd Day Collection 2.11 Crore 6.57 Crore
23-Sep-2018 4th Day Collection 2.36 Crore 8.93 Crore
24-Sep-2018 5th Day Collection 1.29 Crore 10.22 Crore
25-Sep-2018 6th Day Collection 1.03 Crore 11.25 Crores
26-Sep-2018 7th Day Collection 1.01 Crore 12.26 Crores
27-Sep-2018 8th Day Collection 98 Lakhs 13.24 Crore
30-Sep-2018 11 Days Collection   16.04 Crore
2-Oct-2018 14 Days Collection   18.16 Crore
6-Oct-2018 18 Days Collection   19.23 Crore
10-Oct-2018 22 Days Collection   21.96 Crore
15-Oct-2018 27 Days Collection   23.51 Crores

UAE Box Office Collection

Days Collection
2 Days Collection 1.93 Crore
3 Days Collection 4.16 Crore
10 Days Collection 4.31 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
20-Sep-2018 1st Day Collection 6.06 Lakhs 6.06 Lakhs
21-Sep-2018 2nd Day Collection 7.48 Lakhs 13.54 Lakhs
22-Sep-2018 3rd Day Collection 8.79 Lakhs 22.33 Lakhs
23-Sep-2018 4th Day Collection 9.13 Lakhs 32.45 Lakhs
24-Sep-2018 5th Day Collection 7.50 Lakhs 39.95 Lakhs
29-Sep-2018 10th Day Collection 8.37 Lakhs 74.69 Lakhs