Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Box Office Collection

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum Box Office Collection - Asif Ali

Vijay Superum Pournamiyum, the third outing from the Asif Ali – Jis Joy team after Bicycle Thieves and Sunday Holiday, has hit the screens on January 11. It has received mixed to positive response from critics and audiences alike. Our reviewer said, “The movie has its clear agenda about how to live your life the way you want to and that certainly is a positive. But the presentation is so loud and least subtle making it passable because of the lighter tone.”

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The lighthearted entertainer took a below average opening at the Kerala box office by collecting 48 Lakhs on its opening day, It has amassed around 2.46 Lakhs from Kochi multiplexes with an average audience occupancy of 57% on the first day. Take a look at the box office collection report of Vijay Superum Pournamiyum.

Worldwide Collection

Region Gross
Kerala Box Office 8.72 Crore
ROI 75 Lakhs
Overseas 3.13 Crore
Gross Collection 12.6 Crore

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
11-Jan-2019 1st Day Collection 48 Lakhs 48 Lakhs
13-Jan-2019 3 Days Collection   1.82 Crore
20-Jan-2019 10 Days Collection   3.95 Crore
24-Jan-2019 14 Days Collection   6.32 Crore
3-Feb-2018 24 Days Collection   7.33 Crore
10-Feb-2018 31 Days Collection   8.42 Crore
21-Feb-2018     8.54 Crore
  Final Gross   8.72 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
11-Jan-2019 1st Day Collection 2.46 Lakhs 2.46 Lakhs
12-Jan-2019 2nd Day Collection 3.30 Lakhs 5.75 Lakhs
13-Jan-2019 3rd Day Collection 3.69 Lakhs 9.44 Lakhs
14-Jan-2019 4th Day Collection 2.38 Lakhs 11.82 Lakhs
20-Jan-2019 10th Day Collection 3.21 Lakhs 27.39 Lakhs
22-Jan-2019 12th Day Collection 2.11 Lakhs 30.83 Lakhs
27-Jan-2019 17th Day Collection 3.11 Lakhs 44.66 Lakhs
30-Jan-2019 20th Day Collection 1.78 Lakhs 50.02 Lakhs
09-Feb-2019 30th Day Collection 1.93 Lakhs 67.98 Lakhs