Aparna Vinod into controversies again

Aparna Vinod into controversies again

Aparana Vinod, the heroine of latest film 'Kohinoor', is again into controversies after the release of her second film. Her first film was 'Njan Ninnodu Koodeyundu', directed by Priyanandan. She blamed her first movie and about its release. Priyanandan responded to her comment through social media. Since her first film 'Njan Ninnodu Koodeyundu', was an art film, the movie was not much noted by audience and publically Kohinoor is the first movie of the actress.

Aparna says she has justification for all her comments, but still it is not proved. Aparna made fun of her first film in a TV show, for the promotion of Kohinoor. She said that she had acted in a movie before Kohinoor, but the movie's release was known only to her. Priyanandan came to know about this and responded that by teasing her and said the actress is unbearable. He also thanked her, for such a comment from her.

She also made comments about actor Asif Ali, who is the producer and director of Kohinoor. She commented that Asif is selfish and he reduced the importance of her character in the film. She acted only in two movies, but already into two controversies related to both the movies.