Chathurmukam coming soon in theatres

Manju warrier chathurmukham horror

Chathurmukam, starring Manju Warrier and Sunny Wayne in lead roles, is all set for its release on 8th April 2021 in theatres. 

Even though the movie’s trailer or teaser is not yet released, anticipations about the movie are not less. The main reason for it is the wow looks of Manju Warrier, which makes the audience attracted. Another reason is that a smart phone play a vital role in the movie. A song from Chathurmukam was released and one can see that Manju Warrier is an independent and bold business lady who lives her life to fullest. It is seen that she always takes selfies and pictures and post on social media. 

Chathurmukam is directed by Ranjeet Kamala Sankar and Salil V. The film is produced by Jiss Thomas and Justin Thomas and the music composed by Dawn Vincent. Chathurmukam is said to be the first techno horror film in Malayalam. Alencier, Niranjana, Shyamaprasad, Rony David, Sreekanth Murali and Kalabhavan Prajod also stars in the movie. The main highlight of the film is the action sequence done by Manju Warrier.