Director - cinematographer KV Anand passed away

Director -cinematographer KV Anandh passed away

KV Anandh was the director of hit Tamil movies like ‘Kana Kandein’ , ‘Ko’, ‘ Ayan’, ‘Anegan’, ‘Maattran’, ‘ Kaappan’, ‘Kavan’. The 54 year-old died of heart attack at Chennai, on Friday. 
He had COVID-19 related health issues. Ananth suffered heart attack and passed away at early morning 3am on Friday. His last rites took place at Basant Nagar crematorium at Chennai. As he was COVID positive people are not allowed to attend his funeral. 

South Film industry are in shock as it was an unexpected death and they are still not recovered from loss of actor Vivek. The award winning cinematographer and director starred his career as a photo journalist assisting cinematographer PC Sreeram. 

Ananth won the National Film Award in 1994 for the Malayalam movie ‘Thenmavin Kombathu’. He has done cinematography of evergreen super hit movies like ‘ Minnaram’ , ‘ Chandralekha’, ‘ Mudhalvan’, ‘Josh’, ‘Nayak’, ‘Boys’, ‘Khakhee’, ‘Shivaji’ etc. He made his directorial debut in 2005. His first directorial venture was ‘Kana Kandein’.