Meghana Raj finally reveals her hero

Meghana Raj finally reveals her hero

After many rumours Meghana Raj, the gorgeous actress who debut in Malayalam film 'Yakshiyum Njanum'. For many years the news is spread that Meghana is in love. Finally she disclosed that her real life hero is Chiranjeevi Sarga, Kannada film star.

She posted in her Twitter page by wishing Chiranjeevi's brother, Druva Sarga, Happy birthday and mentioning as her husband's brother in Kannada. Since it was in Twitter and the language being Kannada, the news was flash in Kannada medias and the others did not notice it.

Their love is accepted by both families without any issues, says reports. They both did not react to the news so far. Earlier there was gossips about Meghana and Anoop Menon after acting in some films together. Meghana is seen in Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam movies.