‘Pinneyum’ Is A Rubbish And Amateurish Movie, Says Dr.Biju

Pinneyum Is A Rubbish Movie


Pinneyum’, latest movie of renowned director Adoor Gopalakrishnan is an amateurish movie, says national award-winning director Dr. Biju. The so called master director Adoor couldn’t adapt to changes in the world cinema and he didn’t even try to carry out some experiments in his movies. His last three-four movies were not even selected for any international movie festivals, this movie too has no eligibility to be selected for these festivals, he continues.

The movie ‘Pinneyum’ is technically poor and feels artificial throughout. Praising this movie is almost like doing a crime against the future of Malayalam cinema. ‘Pinneyum’ is a product that draws back the Malayalam film industry, he concludes.