Sudani From Nigeria actor alleges racial discrimination

Sudani From Nigeria actor alleges racial discrimination

Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson who made his Mollywood debut with the recent flick Sudani From Nigeria alleged that he has experienced racial discrimination from the producer of the movie and wasn’t paid the remuneration he deserves. His Facebook post reads, Actually the truth is that I did experience racial discrimination from producers in Kerala... I didn't want to say anything before because I was trying to be patient, but now I am ready to speak up.”

Later in their reply to Samuel, Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid, producers of the movie said “This is an official clarification about and response to the allegations made by Samuel Abiola Robinson against Happy Hours Entertainment.

Was Samuel Abiola Robinson Underpaid?

We have drawn up a contract with him after giving him a clear picture about the low-budget nature of the film and about the limit of remuneration we could give him. He entered into that contract after he agreed on paper with the remuneration.

Was “underpayment” racism?

This allegation is painful for us. We exerted no pressure on Samuel to cooperate with us, if he was not satisfied with the amount we offered. He entered into the contract with his right to pull out of the film, provided he had any objection. It is distressing and a cause of self-contempt for us that racist undertones or interpretations are attributed to this.

Samuel's allegations are prompted by what we consider as his misinterpretation of certain false information provided by some sources. It is unfortunate that a good friendship had to go through such an unfortunate state of affairs. We hope that he will be able to realise the facts, correct his mistakes, and resume the friendship with us.