Unraveling The Mystery: Power’s Fate In Chainsaw Man Revealed – Understanding The Character’s Death

Chainsaw man just introduced power as a public safety devil hunter of makima’s special squad. People who have read the manga know everything there is to know about Power, her skills, and how she is self-centered, egotistical, and a spoiled devil you can’t trust. And people who met her through the series’s anime version also see her for who she is.

But it’s her unique personality that sets her apart from everyone else. After what happened in episode 3, fans wonder if she’ll be back in future episodes or if she’s gone for good. Let’s find out what happens to her in the show.

What Happened To Power In Episode 3?

Denji’s only reason to work as a devil hunter right now is to find out how it feels to touch bre*sts, even if it means working with a liar like power. She can tell what denji wants and offers to let him touch her bre*sts in exchange for the bat devil letting her cat go. Denji takes her up on her offer, and the two of them go to the house where the bat devil lives, which is empty. But power planned to give denji to the devil as food so that he would leave her cat alive.

But power’s plan falls apart when the bad devil doesn’t like the taste of denji’s blood. Instead of leaving power’s cat alone, he swallows both power and her cat alive. After that, he goes to the city to get more blood to drink. Denji goes after him, and then the two of them get into a spectacular fight that ends with the bat devil being killed. Even though power betrayed her, denji tears apart bat devil’s body to find power and her cat. But, till the very end of the episode, we don’t see power alive, which makes fans curious about her fate.

What Happened To Power In Episode 3?

Does Power Die In Chainsaw Man?

No, power did not die in chainsaw man episode 3. At the end of episode 3, denji kills the bat devil by cutting him open and killing him. In the next episode, when power realizes how much she values life, denji saves power and meowy from inside the bat devil. Denji will tell her about their deal if she asks why he would risk his life for someone who tried to kill him. Power will choose to follow through, which is good for him. But the battle is ongoing because denji is about to face a new enemy.

Does Power Die In Chainsaw Man?

Does Power Die In Chainsaw Man Manga?

Currently, power isn’t going anywhere, and this fantastic figure’s anime version has much more to offer. But in the manga, is she still alive? Power no longer lives in chainsaw man manga, which is a shame. She dies in the “Power, power, power” chapter 91 of the “Control devil arc.” it was one of the most heartbreaking parts of the series because it showed how close power and denji are as friends.

The fight between power and maxima is shown in this chapter. Management doesn’t want to let go of denji, whom she has wrapped in her four arms. The administration knows how her fight with makima turned out, but she still says she won’t give denji’s body and tries to escape. Power had always thought that no life counted, but she started to believe that denji’s life was different.

Power tells denji that devils go straight to hell when they die and that she won’t be the same person when she does. But she wants him to promise that he will find the blood devil when she dies and turn it back into her so they can be friends again. She finally dies when she gives denji her blood on the condition that he finds the blood devil again.

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