10 rare talents who reaped glory in Malayalam Cinema

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To make others laugh is not a simple thing, but there are many artists who make you laugh with their talents of imitation and delivering comedy. Even between many problems in their real life they cover them up in order to make people laugh. Mimicry is an art and every one may not be blessed with the skill. There are many groups or organizations in Kerala that build up mimicry artist and bring them forth. Kalabhavan is one of the famous organizations that brought many mimicry artists to the stage and from there to the big screen. Several leading actors in Malayalam film industry were fostered by Kalabhavan.

There are some names which could not be excluded while taking about mimicry artist.

1. Jayaram


Jayaram made mimicry more popular and became the first Super star from this field. He was a mimicry artist who was later acquaint with films by the well know filmmaker Padmarajan. He is now one of the demanding lead actors of Malayalam.

2. Alleppey Ashraf

Alleppey Ashraf

Alleppy Ashraf is known as the first mimicry artist to get noticed as an actor in Malayalam Cinema. Many of his predecessors praises him making mimicry a popular art form across Kerala.

3. Kottayam Nazeer

Kottayam Nazeer

Kottayam Nazeer was one of the renowned mimicry artists in Kerala. He has done numerous stage shows in many part of the world. He then started to act in movies and has done countless movies by now.

4. Dileep


Dileep started his career as a mimicry artist and then became an associate director in movies. He managed to act in some small roles in films which then lead him to be one of the prominent actors of Malayalam.

5. Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu commenced his career as a successful mimicry artist who has done many stage shows world-wide. He has done nearly 200 films in a short span of time and became a popular comedian. He had also done character roles in many films.

6. Salim Kumar

Salim Kumar

Salim Kumar also started his profession as stage performer at Kalabhavan. He then acted in many Malayalam movies as comedian. He has also done many character roles which were notable. He also organizes a mimicry troupe which bought up many stars.

7. Harisree Ashokan

Harisree Ashokan

Harisree Ashokan plays comedy as well as character roles. He started his acting career as a non-professional theatre artist and then he was introduced to films by director Siddique. He was at Harisree at first and then joined Kalabhavan later on.

8. Kalabhavan Mani

Kalabhavan Mani

Kalabhavan Mani was a mimicry stage artist before he came into movies. He was also an outcome of Kalabhavan. He has done many villain roles and character roles. He has also done central roles in many movies.

9. Tini Tom

Tini Tom

Tini Tom has worked with many mimicry organisations like Seven Arts, Cochin Guinness and Kalabhavan. He was also noticed in many TV shows which he anchored. He then came into the Silver screen and did many noticeable roles by now.

10. Guinness Pakru (Ajayakumar)

Guinness Pakru (Ajayakumar)

Guinness Pakru has the title of the shortest actor. He has been successful in his career of acting and also been a director of a Malayalam movie. He has done over 1000 stage shows by the age of 18. He was also renowned for the TV shows he anchored.

This is not the end of the list. There are many other artists who started their career as a mimicry artist. Among them some of them are successful but there some, still struggling to be successful.

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