‘Crush’: When will the Kannada Movie Be Releaased?

The Kannada movie Crush has been the talk of the town since its announcement. With fans eagerly waiting for its release, it is finally ready to hit the theatres, and viewers are getting ready to experience the unique story that this movie has to offer. Directed by Abhi N, Crush is a romantic drama set in a small village and revolves around two characters who are in love but separated due to circumstances. Find more information about the movie from this article.

About Crush

A new Kannada film called “Crush” will soon be released. Abhi. N will helm the movie, which stars Panchi S, Prathibha Soppimath, and Manjunath Hegde.

Storyline of ‘Crush’

The protagonist has feelings for a girl at his university who is trying to track down her missing mother. Does he have a chance of winning her heart? Will she be able to locate her mom? This can be found from the film.


Crush Release Date

Although the film has been shooting and producing for a long time, the movie is now set to release on 24 March 2023.

Crush Movie Trailer

A trailer for the movie is released by the production team.

Crush Kannada Short Movie Trailer | Sathish Vajra | Rachana | UV Harish | Vinod Prabhakar


As the movie is set to release very soon, we can hope that the film meets the expectations of the fans and viewers.

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