George Clooney: A True Legend Of Hollywood

George Clooney: A True Legend Of Hollywood

What’s common between Dr Doug Ross, Jim Byrd, and Danny Ocean? Well, you guessed right, these are all famous characters played by George Clooney on the big screen. George was born in 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky, to Nina Bruce Warren and Nick Clooney, alongside two sisters. A great actor who took Hollywood by storm, George Clooney has become a name to reckon with in all circuits. He is a great humanitarian, a loyal friend, and an upright person who loves contributing to social causes. Let’s look at some interesting facts from Clooney’s life over the years.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

George Clooney claims to have slept on couches while hustling his way up. His friends have been all too generous in providing for him, be it a place to crash or financially. So after his windfall gain in “Gravity,” he decided to pay them up. A million dollars each to all 14 of them. His friend Gerber speaks highly of him because he was always magnanimous and believed in giving back. It was more about the intent than the gift that spoke volumes about the man.

Business Was In His Blood

George’s parents were famous in their own right. His mother, Nina, was a beauty queen and a city councilwoman. His father, Nick, was a famous television actor known for his AMC network work who later ran for the House of Representatives in 2004. Her sister Rosemary, who was instrumental behind songs like “Tenderly” and “Mixed Emotions,” gave birth to Miguel Ferrer, who did a lot of stints in Iron Man 3 and NCIS.

So it is pretty expected from George that he would be the owner of Casamigos, a Tequila brand that became big. Their competitor, Diageo, wanted to acquire Casamigos for over $1 Billion. Today, George’s tequila brand is a staple in every bar and casino in the States.

His Love For Gambling

It is all too right that Clooney played crucial roles in the series Ocean’s 11,12,13. His penchant and love for casinos and gambling have been profound. He has been seen frequenting many of the best US Casinos in Vegas to try his hand at roulette to fend off boredom. Many roulette enthusiasts took inspiration from this superstar and downloaded the best casino apps on their phones to play real money games. These regulated casino apps ensure a seamless and realistic roulette gambling experience.

George loves to take some of the casino experiences to even Hollywood. His film Molly’s Game was primarily due to his love for gambling. Though a failed venture, he even attempted to get a casino made in Las Vegas. Intriguing, right?


Stunning acting, flawless charm, and consistency are what sets George apart. A British Academy Award, 4 Golden Globe Awards, and 2 Academy Awards are a testament to his skills and people’s appreciation for it. Additionally, he also had a BAFTA, a Paul Sevin Award, an Honorary Cesar, and a Producers Guild of America Award in his Kitty. With performances in iconic movies like Batman, Ocean’s series, Argo, and From Dusk Till Dawn, he has cemented his position among the Hollywood greats.

A Great Humanitarian

Along with Prendergast, George Clooney has started the Satellite Sentinel Project after his trip to South Sudan. The SSP aims to spot, prevent, and document crimes against humanity. He also formed the Sentry NGO with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Pressman, and Weintraub. Sentry drew the world’s attention to large-scale massacres and arranged resources for it.

Apart from this, Nick Clooney and George made a documentary called “A Journey to Darfur,” focusing on their experiences as they journeyed across war-torn areas and areas of high dispute where human rights were disregarded daily. Clooney’s humanitarian activities also included the “ Not On Our Watch” project with many other Hollywood superstars to stop global atrocities from happening.

His love for humanitarian activities saw him presiding over the Clooney Foundation of Justice, which he ran with his wife, Amal. Clooney was awarded the Bob Hope trophy for arranging a telethon that raised more than $500 for the Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina victims.

Great Actor, A Better Person, A Legend

A man for all weather, a prolific filmmaker, a humanitarian, a great father, son, and husband, George Clooney is indeed the man we all crave to be. What sets him apart is that all this success has never gone to his head. He is one of the most down-to-earth, gentle personas left in Hollywood. His charisma shines across, and his ambitions do not limit him. With millions donated to noble causes, George Clooney is the man who has done it all.

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