Is Hallo Mayavi Movie Happening? Director Shafi Shares Surprising Reason Behind The Movie Cancellation

It is no secret that Hallo Mayavi is a highly anticipated movie in India. Fans have eagerly waited for the release of this movie since its announcement. However, many rumors and speculations have been about the movie’s progress and whether it will happen. This article will answer all your queries regarding the status of Hallo Mayavi by giving you an in-depth look at what is happening with the movie.

Is Hallo Mayavi Movie Happening?

Several years ago, Shafi announced an ambitious film titled “Hello, Mayavi.” Mohanlal‘s character from ‘Hallo,’ Sivaraman, and Mammootty’s character from ‘Mayavi,’ Mahi, was intended to be the main characters. Rafi Mecartin wrote the screenplay. Due to the rarity of a spin-off starring two Malayalam film industry superstars, the announcement of this project generated considerable buzz. However, it never materialized, and those involved moved on to other projects.

There has been a lot of buzz around the potential release of the movie Hallo Mayavi. However, regretfully, we must inform you that no such film is currently in production or even planned for the near future. Despite rumors circulating online, there has been no official announcement from reputable sources regarding this supposed film. I

Shafi Shares Surprising Reason Behind Hallo Mayavi Cancellation


In a recent interview, the director Shafi explained why ‘Hello Mayavi’ was canceled. According to him, both Mohanlal and Mammootty found the one-liner amusing. However, the project was terminated due to the stubbornness of a few industry members. Shafi continues to believe that the film would have been a blockbuster.

Similarly, Shafi intended to create a sequel to ‘Mayavi,’ but it never materialized. A film based on Suraj Venjaramoodu’s character Dhashamoolam Damu from “Chattambinadu” is currently in the works. Benny P. Nayarambalam is presently working on the script. Production is expected to commence by the end of the year.

Final Words

The news of Hallo Mayavi getting dropped came as a shock to many fans of the show. Despite its short-lived run, Hallo Mayavi managed to capture the imaginations of audiences worldwide with its unique combination of science and adventure. Unfortunately, its future remains uncertain as Shafi reveals that Hallo Mayavi will not return. Moving forward, fans of the show should keep their eyes open for new projects from Shafi that are sure to bring just as much excitement and wonderment.

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