Aadu 2 Malayalam movie box office collection – Jayasurya

The much-awaited sequel, Aadu 2, has arrived on December 22 as a Christmas 2018 release. Directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas, the movie, which has all elements for Shaji Pappan fans to enjoy to the core, set the box office on fire. It has recorded a phenomenal 100% occupancy for all shows at Kochi multiplexes on its opening day and has managed to collect 3.46 Lakhs from there. Actors who appeared in the first part, including Jayasurya, Vijay Babu, Vinayakan, Saiju Kurup, Sunny Wayne, Renji Panicker, Sandra Thomas, Bhagath Manual are there in the sequel as well. Here is the detailed collection report of the movie.

Kerala Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
22-Dec-2017 1st Day Collection  1.85 Crores 1.85 Crores
26-Dec-2017 5 Days Collection  8.04 Crores
6-Jan-2018 16 Days Collection  20.10 Crores
8-Jan-2018 18 Days Collection  23.13 Crores
28-Jan-2018 38 Days Collection  26.51 Crores

Tamil Nadu Box Office Collection

Date Day Gross
7-Jan-2018 17 Days Collection  32 Lakhs

UAE Box Office Collection

Kochi Multiplex Box Office Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
22-Dec-2017 1st Day Collection  3.46 Lakhs 3.46 Lakhs
23-Dec-2017 2nd Day Collection  4.51 Lakhs 7.75 Lakhs
24-Dec-2017 3rd Day Collection  4.48 Lakhs 12.22 Lakhs
25-Dec-2017 4th Day Collection  6.26 Lakhs 18.49 Lakhs
26-Dec-2017 5th Day Collection  6.94 Lakhs 25.42 Lakhs
27-Dec-2017 6th Day Collection  6.98 Lakhs 32.43 Lakhs
28-Dec-2017 7th Day Collection  6.94 Lakhs 39.37 Lakhs
29-Dec-2017 8th Day Collection  7.75 Lakhs 47.12 Lakhs
30-Dec-2017 9th Day Collection  8.02 Lakhs 55.14 Lakhs
31-Dec-2017 10th Day Collection  8.16 Lakhs 63.30 Lakhs
1-Jan-2018 11th Day Collection  7.18 Lakhs 70.40 Lakhs
2-Jan-2018 12th Day Collection  7.14 Lakhs 77.54 Lakhs
3-Jan-2018 13th Day Collection  5.75 Lakhs 83.29 Lakhs
4-Jan-2018 14th Day Collection  5.12 Lakhs 88.41 Lakhs
5-Jan-2018 15th Day Collection  5.01 Lakhs 93.41 Lakhs
6-Jan-2018 16th Day Collection  6.87 Lakhs 1.00 Crore
20-Jan-2018 30th Day Collection  2.94 Lakhs 1.52 Crore

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