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After a long wait, Lijo Jose Pellissery’s master class movie, Jallikattu, was release on October 4, and received excellent reviews all over. Our reviewer said, “Once you finish watching Jallikattu, you will be in awe of the fact that how a politically sensitive subject was conceived based on the mere escape of a buffalo. Jallikattu is for those who prefer to understand the political undercurrent of any movie. If you are someone who felt Maoist never came in Unda, then Jallikattu might feel like chaos to you. The impactful depiction of chaos in the most cinematic way is what Jallikattu is.”

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The movie has got a good opening at the box office. It has minted around 5.83 Lakhs from Kochi multiplexes with 94% audience occupancy on its opening day. Take a look at the box office collection report of Jallikattu.

Kerala Box Office Collection

Day Gross
7 Days Collection 7.6 Crore

Kochi Multiplex Collection

Date Day Collection Gross
05-Oct-2019 1st Day Collection 5.83 Lakhs 5.83 Lakhs
06-Oct-2019 2nd Day Collection 5.66 Lakhs 11.49 Lakhs
09-Oct-2019 6th Day Collection 2.95 Lakhs 33.14 Lakhs

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